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Jul 05,2021

Clark Rogers is a lean, mean, cock-jerking machine! Clark starts out leaned back, stroking his perfect cock on the couch. After getting in his element, Clark took it to the mirror to check out how good he looks! There's a lot more to see before Clark finally lets us know it's time... CUM TIME! Clark proceeds to lay ropes across his chest before calling it a night!

Jul 04,2021

Clark Rogers is oozing confidence as he gets ready to spank a solo out! Clark was recruited by his friend Chris Banner and he's not about to let his buddy down! Take a second to get to know a little more about Clark, before you see a lot more of him!

Jul 02,2021

To think that it all started with King Coleman & Jeremiah Cruz house sitting for Sargent Villa while he was in the field... Too bad for Sarge that King and Jeremiah aren't all too fond of him. What happens next? Of course they fuck on every surface of their Sargent's sick crib, but King has a surprise for Jeremiah. He's got a thing for guys in women's lingerie and Jeremiah looks DAMN good in some stockings! You can tell by King's raging hard cock that he's more than satisfied with how Jeremiah looks in Sargent Villa's wife's sexy nylons. But it didn't stop there, these two studs were just getting warmed up. Plenty of "pound my pussy" talk and hard fucking ensued all the way till the end of this hot romp leaving a face full of King's big load all over Jeremiah's cute face. Clean up soldiers! Sarge is due back any minute!

Jul 01,2021

King Coleman and Jeremiah Cruz were asked by their Sargent to watch over his place while he was out in the field. How freaky will things get while Sarg is gone?! Watch to find out.

Jun 28,2021

If there was a solo-scene dream team, King Coleman would be the number 1 draft pick. King is rocking almost 200lbs of solid muscle and an 8.5" THICK cock! He barely needed any timeouts during his time on the solo-field and he went for the extra point at the end by tasting his own cum!

Jun 27,2021

19 Y/O college football player King Coleman is not a man I'd want hitting me on the field; though I know most of us would love to get hit by him in the bedroom... Anyways! King has a lot of amazing qualities that go beyond his big JACKED body! Take a second to sit with King and hear about his favorite books and what he likes to cook before he gets it cooking in the bedroom!

Jun 25,2021

Martavis Ray is packing some SERIOUS heat. Well-endowed would be an understatement. Lucky for Martavis, Franco Styles is a SUPER size-queen and welcomes big uncut cocks like this with nothing but smiles and a warm gaping asshole. Martavis hit those backshots on Franco hard as fuck! This all leads to a surprise frottage finish from our sexy men... with a big, juicy facial on Franco. This boy loves cum so much he just dropped right down to take it when the time was right. Hot scene guys!

Jun 24,2021

At this point, it's clear that Franco Styles LOVES getting his hole pounded. One final test awaits him though... Martavis Ray and his big ol' dick swingin'! These two are both super excited to finally fuck! Check out their interview by hitting play and YOU be the judge!

Jun 21,2021

Jeremiah Cruz took a chance to oil up before his solo! This was a great choice on Jeremiah's part and we're all enjoying the way the light glistens over his body! Jeremiah gets right into stroking that beautiful uncut cock before throwing in some anal play! Just to top it off, Jeremiah tastes a little of his own cum!

Jun 20,2021

Take a break and chill for a minute with the chillest guy around: Jeremiah Cruz! Jeremiah is another fan-turned-model and he's thrilled to be on set! He's easily one of the chillest guys we've had recently! Jeremiah saves his wild side for the bedroom where he really turns things up!

Jun 18,2021

Eli Bennett called over his bud Bryce Beckett for a FIRM massage. That's exactly what big Bryce is good for. He stops by and oils up Eli, rubs him down, and slides it in. An intense fuck with some HOT positions. Boy, this sure beats that five mile run eh Eli?!

Jun 17,2021

It's always so great to see Bryce Beckett for many reasons. One of the main ones though is that he just lights up a room when he walks into one! He always gives our new guys the best treatment and Eli Bennett got SUPER lucky with Bryce offering up an oily massage so first timer Eli could relax and just let the good times roll! This massage most DEFINITELY ends with a happy ending... you have to push play NOW to see the rest. Do you like scenarios like this? Comment below!

Jun 14,2021

From the moment he took his pants off, Eli Bennett was hard as a ROCK! Eli looks completely natural in this new environment, showing himself off in plenty of different ways! This guy is all about freaky fun and carries the heat all the way until the end. Eli was completely down to try a taste test at the end and even went for it TWICE! Eli Bennett is looking like a keeper, don't you think?!

Jun 13,2021

Eli Bennett was online one day looking for any good reason to stroke his cock. A click here, a click there and Eli landed on the best sites around: GayHoopla and BiGuysFuck! Eli was instantly a fan and began following the sites and models. It didn't take long before Eli started to contemplate taking things to the other side of the camera! Eli sent in his application and sure enough, he made it! Now it's time to start living the dream, Eli!

Jun 12,2021

Apollo Parker & Dustin Hazel just put on an absolute BANGER of a show. Now let's see what they have to say about it all in this post-FUCK interview!

Jun 11,2021

Have you ever hooked up with a friend? Was it weird after? Or did you two continue to hook up and keep the open friendship going? Dustin Hazel & Apollo Parker were friends long before they decided to hook up. You can tell by their chemistry and energy around each other that they are both very comfortable with each other. That kind of comfort typically results in a FIRE scene... and that's exactly what we got here. Just wait till the cumshots!

Jun 10,2021

Apollo Parker & Dustin Hazel have known each other for a little while now. Long enough to know that they've both been looking forward to getting to hook up! What else can we pick up in this pre-fuck interview? Comment below!

Jun 07,2021

You may need to watch that cum shot again. If you look close enough, you can actually see a part of Roman's soul leave his body as his body lets out one of the craziest cumshots we've seen on set! Roman claims this happens every time he cums and he says everyone loves it!