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Latest Promotional Galleries

Jan 26,2021

Well that was Jeremy Barker's 1st bottom. But will he do it again? Chase Arcangel also reveals who he wants to be his first Top!

Jan 25,2021

Today is a big day. Not only is Chase Arcangel making his GayHoopla.com debut, but Jeremy Barker is taking his 1st cock! Jeremy, aka "the pounder" is usually on the other end of these things, but today he's taking Chase Arcangel's thick, veiny cock for us! Chase and Jeremy have some flirtatious history and admit in the interview they are attracted to each other, not just physically but also as friends. These hot guys wrestle and fuck exactly how you'd expect two hot guys should. They're so into each other!

Jan 24,2021

Pre-Sex interview with Jeremy Barker and Chase Arcangel - Jeremy is a little nervous before taking his first dick, especially such a big one!

Jan 23,2021

Take a DEEP breath Chad Blue... You did it! You took on Collin Simpson and his massive cock and ended up sucking Collin dry at the end! You guys must have loved it! Let's see what they both have to say in this post-sex interview.

Jan 22,2021

Collin Simpson just LOVES getting his hands on smaller guys. Chad Blue is EXACTLY the type of guy Collin has been horny for. For Chad, Collin is the hottest guy he's ever hooked up with hands down so Chad pretends that he's not intimidated by Collin's massive cock.

Jan 21,2021

Collin Simpson loves little bottom otter boys like Chad Blue. It's probably because he knows he basically splits them in HALF when he fucks them... Sick fuck mentality Collin! See how they're feeling in this pre-scene interview!

Jan 19,2021

He may have needed a pit stop along the way, but Austin Martin pulls off a big win with a massive cumshot! Anyone with experience knows that you have to keep your ride clean. Join Austin while he washes off, and maybe you can get a ride next!

Jan 18,2021

You might want to buckle up for this ride. Austin Martin grips his gargantuan gear shifter and takes off on a one way trip to the Semen Speedway! Austin's definitely going to need some help cleaning up his mess at the finish line. Any volunteers?

Jan 17,2021

Zion, Mojave, Yellowstone.. Why do these matter? What does a tall big cock cutie like Austin Martin do for a living? Sit down, lean back and relax with Austin and find out all you need to know about our boy!

Jan 16,2021

WOW! Axel Woods & Jayden Marcos put on a SHOW! Now let's see what the sexy young couple has to say about it all.

Jan 15,2021

Axel Woods must be doing something special with that tongue of his, because he had big dick Jayden Marcos BEGGING to get FUCKED! And that's exactly what sexy blue-eyed Axel did.

Jan 14,2021

Axel Woods & Jayden Marcos clearly have some awesome chemistry. They can't keep their eyes OR hands off each other in this pre-scene interview!

Jan 12,2021

Well that was intense... Milo Dawson was riding Jeremy Barker like there was NO tomorrow! And how can we forget that epic reverse pile-driver... just wow. Now, see what these two have to say about the whole experience!

Jan 11,2021

Milo Dawson just LOVES getting pounded out by our HOT GUYS! Jeremy Barker is next to ravage his hole and when we say ravage, we mean POUND his fucking asshole like it owes him money! Hard boners and HARD fucking is what you get when you combine these two. Milo takes an ass pounding and they both end up covered in cum. Perfect! This is one hot, intense FUCK.

Jan 10,2021

Jeremy Barker, Milo Dawson, WELCOME TO THE ULTIMATE ICE BREAKER CHALLENGE! These two get to know each other a bit better and things quickly heat up. Watch the full gameshow here and YOU decide if these two have chemistry or not!

Jan 08,2021

Bryce Beckett & Grayson Blackburn actually have a lot in common. They both love lifting weights, specifically power lifting. They literally geek out about lifting! Meat heads we tell ya. Having something in common with another person definitely does something though. For these two, it was the icing on a brotacular friendship, that ended with Grayson getting his ass dominated by big boy Bryce. Pretty sure Bryce asked Grayson how it felt getting fucked at one point and Grayson told him it hurt and Bryce smiled and even sped up... sick fuck behavior by Bryce no doubt but sometimes it just hurts so good and this time was just that for Grayson and he admitted it in the post-interview. As soon as the scene ends, these two butt buddies are off to the shower where they pick up right where they left off with their bodybuilder talk. "So, bro... like what ya gonna lift today?"

Jan 07,2021

See that sly grin on Bryce Beckett's face? He's MORE than excited to get his big paws on teen boy wonder, Grayson Blackburn. What other clues can you get from their interview? Watch now.

Jan 05,2021

Draco Young is done with his first of three scenes in one day! He says he's feeling relaxed but he doesn't have long! Take a shower with our muscle man before he straps up for another round!