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Latest Promotional Galleries

Apr 17,2021

Collin Simpson & Roman Tate put on one hell of a show! That's what you get when you combine two sexy veterans! Now let's see what they thought about it all in this post-scene interview.

Apr 16,2021

Roman Tate loves getting tore up by some big dick, and Collin Simpson has exactly that for him. These two had been wanting this scene for quite a while and it turned out hotter than we could have imagined. Spoiler alert, it ends with Collin creampie-ing Roman!

Apr 15,2021

Collin Simpson & Roman Tate have known about each other for a long time... And they have been wanting each other for just as long! First, let's see what they have to say in this pre-FUCK interview.

Apr 13,2021

Xavier Ruiz just put on an absolute show! You can tell this young stud DEFINITELY loves to show off! Now, with that said, let's take this to the outside shower boys!

Apr 12,2021

One thing you will be left saying after you watch Xavier Ruiz in action, "YES! MORE PLEASE!". Xavier comes off a bit shy and timid at first but once he gets his big uncut Latino cock in his hand, those nerves quickly fade away... and the bed humping ensues, of course. Enjoy gluing your eyes on our new exclusive stud!

Apr 11,2021

Xavier Ruiz is jaw-dropping. Gorgeous to look at and interesting to listen to! Come meet our sexy exclusive new guy in this interview!

Apr 10,2021

Franco Styles talks about his first time bottoming and how surprisingly easy it was... Hmmm after Dustin Hazel absolutely destroyed Franco's asshole... gotta admit, impossible to not think that Franco has been getting PLENTY of hard cock in his ass off camera.

Apr 09,2021

Dustin Hazel started it all! Franco Styles knew he was in love with hot boy dick filling up his ass as soon as D-Haze slipped it in and hammered Franco's prostate. The rest is history from there? Oh no... we're just getting started! This scene got hot and rough. Even though Franco "claims" this was his first time getting fucked in the ass, based on the ease and level of expertise at bottoming, we beg to differ.

Apr 08,2021

There's a first time for everything! You've already seen Franco Styles excel at being a perfect bottom boy, dick loving slut... now, take a step back and see how it all began with Franco's first scene bottoming! Check out this interview and you decide if Franco sounds nervous or excited!

Apr 06,2021

Kendrick Driver is one smokin' hot S.T.U.D. He just put on one HELL of a show and woof! How about all that buttplay? This handsome Latino hunk sure can put on a show and we look forward to much more of him in the future! Enjoy this sexy outdoor with our exclusive new guy.

Apr 04,2021

Please give a very warm welcome to one of our most highly anticipated new faces, Kendrick Driver! This handsome hunk of man and muscle is everything you need. Sexy, chiseled, and a BIG, hot uncut cock to round it all out.

Apr 03,2021

Jayden Marcos & Chase Arcangel showed us why sometimes best friends that eventually fuck have some of the hottest most intense sex EVER! Now let's see what they have to say about their first fuck in this post-sex interview.

Apr 02,2021

Chase Arcangel & Jayden Marcos are two of the best friends that anybody could ever have! These two do it ALL together! They work out, play video games, and FUCK of course! You can tell by how comfortable they both are with each other that this experience had been on their minds for quite a while. Jayden always thought Chase was super hot... and Chase had always been wanting to dominate his BFF's hole. Here's your chance boys!

Apr 01,2021

Chase Arcangel & Jayden Marcos are best friends it shows on camera! These guys are so playful and are all smiles! They can barely keep their hands off each other!

Mar 30,2021

Dee & Jay King laugh and crack jokes after a simultaneous cumshot! Dee said it pretty well... That ending was impactful!

Mar 29,2021

It's not every day you find two sexy twins. It's even more rare to see two of them hip-thrusting and hand-fucking all over a porn set. Dee & Jay King laugh and joke while stroking their cocks. I swear this can't be the first time they've done this.

Mar 28,2021

We're giving out a package deal today on GayHoopla! Dee & Jay King are the sexiest two for one deal you'll ever find in your life! These two guys love to do everything together. They're so in sync they even finish each other's sentences. Make sure you pay attention in the solo and let us know who's dick is bigger!