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Latest Promotional Galleries

Aug 06,2021

Bryce Beckett has a thing for new guys here at GayHoopla... Which is why he helped Jeremiah Cruz make his first ever scene a breeze! How did he do that you might ask? Well, Bryce simply just takes control and puts Jeremiah wherever he wants him. Pile-driver, doggy style, massive signature Bryce Beckett facial, you name it. Just keep following Bryce's lead Jeremiah and we KNOW you will be JUST fine. Funny side-note, these big boys were a little TOO BIG for our couch and broke it right in half mid-scene! Could you handle these sexy men?

Aug 05,2021

Bryce Beckett & Jeremiah Cruz are a fun and sexy pair! They have a lot in common. Gym, bodybuilding, dieting, flexing/posing, and the list goes on. Their interactions are so natural and genuine. You can tell this is gonna be one HOT scene.

Aug 02,2021

Ballet dancers just got so much hotter! Kingsley Kross takes his skills he's learned from ballet and put them to use on set! Kingsley gets bent up in a few different sexy positions before lining up a huge self-facial! What a naughty boy!

Aug 01,2021

Kingsley Kross walked out of his high school graduation and straight to GayHoopla for some KINKY fun! Five minutes with this new 18 Y/O reveals he might just be one of the kinkiest guys we have! With those sexy glasses, that cute face and chiseled body, who wouldn't want to bend this guy up and fuck him senseless?!

Jul 30,2021

Well that escalated quickly! Mason Skyy definitely got lucky when he went to introduce himself to his hot new neighbor, Kane Hardy. After things heat up in the outdoor shower, these sexy guys head inside to pick up where they left off... and that's with Kane's cock buried deep in Mason's tight ass. We have a feeling these two neighbors will be hanging out again VERY soon...

Jul 29,2021

Mason Skyy was a little bored one day so he took his drone out for fun. Without expecting much, Mason came across his hot new neighbor Kane Hardy showering off in his backyard. Will Kane find out that Mason was peeping in on him? Click play to see what happens.

Jul 26,2021

Mike Cain starts by rubbing himself down with some oil before stroking his long thick cock for everyone to enjoy! Mike shows us how he pleases himself from every angle and after giving everyone quite a show, Mike starts busting a fat load! Our director thought he was finished but after Mike kept stroking, we realized he had more to give! Mike's definitely got the deals and he gives us two giant loads in one solo!

Jul 25,2021

It's Mike's first day here on set but you wouldn't know unless we told you! Mike's nerves are non-existent but his excitement is through the roof! Someone's going to need to call up Mason Skyy and thank him for sending this clean cut stud our way! Mike exudes confidence through his whole interview and when you see his solo, you'll understand why!

Jul 23,2021

Love on set is rare but it does happen! Eli Bennet & Jeremiah Cruz hit it off the moment they laid eyes on each other. They even moved into the same room together and shacked up for their whole trip here! This was the last scene of this shoot so these two had ample time to really get comfortable with each other. Hit play and see the fireworks for yourself!

Jul 22,2021

Every once in a while, you get two models that just hit it off. Eli Bennet & Jeremiah Cruz were the pair that did this time. They even moved into the same room together! The energy and chemistry between these two is unmatched. Hit play to watch for yourself!

Jul 19,2021

Dean Chambers came to set looking for new experiences and that's what we gave him! Dean got his hands on a bottle of oil and didn't hold back on rubbing himself down. All that oil got him worked up pretty quick and Dean got right into stroking that THICK cock he's got! Come watch this hot surfer boy make a splash in the industry with his exclusive GayHoopla Solo!

Jul 18,2021

Take a second and sit down with our new dream guy Dean Chambers! Dean's excited to be on set here and can't wait to get in front of the camera and show what he's got! He decided to sit down for just a few minutes and introduce himself before his big moment!

Jul 16,2021

Bryce Beckett is a master of fitness so when Drew Andrews called for an in-home boxing sesh, Bryce headed right over to offer his services! This wasn't Bryce's first training session with Drew and their thing was that they would always hit the hot tub after. This time however, when Bryce stood up and revealed that he was popping wood, Drew was quick to stop him in his tracks and ask big Bryce if he needed a hand with that monster. As we're sure you can imagine, things got heated from there and it ended in a sticky mess just in time for Bryce's next appointment.

Jul 15,2021

Ever had a fantasy of having a hot in-home trainer come to your house? That's exactly what new guy Drew Andrews is having when big Bryce Beckett shows up at his door. We have a feeling they're going to be sweating more than your typical workout this time.

Jul 12,2021

We put Rhett West in full focus for this banger of a solo! Rhett takes a moment to oil up and get that nice cock of his rocked up. Once he's pumped and ready to get it started, Rhett dives right into stroking his dick on full display. Lean back and enjoy Rhett from very angle!

Jul 11,2021

There's rumors that Rhett West was on his way to a Calvin Klein shoot when he found his way to our interview chair. Whether that's true or not, we took the opportunity to get to know this dream man while we had the chance! Rhett's sex appeal only goes WAY up when he starts talking with that smooth, deep voice!

Jul 09,2021

It's no secret, Thomas Fry has always had the hots for Dustin Hazel. Thomas has seen how D-Haze "The Savage" fucks... and Thomas couldn't lie... He wanted a piece! Fuck it! He wanted the whole damn thing! And that's exactly what nerdy hipster Thomas got here... Dustin went straight animal style on Thomas, complete with front and reverse pile driver to an EXPLOSIVE facial finish. Damn quite a show you two! What did you think? COMMENT BELOW!

Jul 08,2021

Dustin Hazel & Thomas Fry have known each other for quite some time and they've always got along so we simply asked them if they wanted a scene together. They looked at each other and said "Hell ya! Why not?" Press play to see what else they have to say in this interview.