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Latest Promotional Galleries

May 04,2021

We all know Derek "Dirty D" Jones loves to have his way with those tiny boys that he can just throw around. Well, why not serve him up the fit, sexy, teen boy, Julian Rodriguez on a silver plater so Derek can do as he pleases!? So, we did just that. There is something else that is important to mention here, though. Julian had been reading some of the comments members have left on some of his prior GayHoopla scenes and noticed that many of them beg and plead Julian to bottom. He appreciated the love and decided that he would give the fans what they want! If that isn't an incentive to comment below your favorite videos, I don't know what is! Derek is a true showman and can't wait to start tossing Julian around. He even throws Julian up on his shoulders and does some squats with him on his back to warm up! Things only get more pumped up and hotter from there. Check it out to find out the rest for yourself ;)

May 03,2021

Price Hogan and Rico Vega are a hot pair anyway, but seeing the energy in this scene where they take turns on each other's asses and play with a double-header is off the chart.

May 03,2021

It sure has been a while since we have seen Zach Douglas, but when we told him he had the opportunity to smash Adrian Monroe's sweet ass, Zach hopped on a plane the next day! It's immediately clear that Adrian is just as excited for this hook up to happen. If you don't recall, these two super hotties teamed up on Julian Rodriguez's virgin ass back in November 2017. Now it's time for them to have some alone time so they can really focus on pleasing each other. <br> <br> Mutual blow jobs and of course Zach has to taste that Adrian ass he has been wanting so badly to start off the scene. From there, Zach takes a seat and Adrian let's him get a look at his white, round ass as he slides up and down on Zach's pole in reverse. <br> <br> Then, the VERY flexible Adrian hops off and with his shoulders on the ground and legs opened up WIDE in the air, Zach plunges his hard cock deep in Adrian's hole. To finish each other off, they go in to both of their favorite position, doggy style. This kind of stimulation is a lot for Adrian to handle... So he just let's it all go, literally. He busts a nice thick nut all over the couch and it isn't long before Zach follows suit and covers Adrian's fit back with his load. These two are hot!

May 02,2021

Bryce is all smiles, and how could he not be? This lean pretty boy put on quite a show and left us satisfied! Come sit down with Bryce as he discusses how his first adult film experience went!

May 02,2021

Keeping things nice and slow, Bryce takes it to the bedroom and massages his cock in the late afternoon sunlight. His cock stays rock hard and standing straight up through his first time on camera! Can you tell if he's nervous?

May 02,2021

Bryce Kelly's well known on the TikTok app. He's also from a religious family who would disown him for doing porn. He decided the TikTok cameras and family risk was worth it and applied to come shoot with us! He doesn't seem nervous at all as he discusses all of this and more!

May 01,2021

Dustin Hazel just turned the tables on Jeremy Barker and got his revenge for the rough pounding that Jeremy once put down on him. Now let's see what they both have to say about this jaw-dropping experience! Do you think Jeremy likes bottoming now? Open discussion in the comments below!

Apr 30,2021

What can we say... Jeremy Barker, you had this coming for ya! Dustin Hazel didn't forget the pounding that Jeremy put on him... Now the tables have turned. Dustin gets his chance topping "The Pounder" and he doesn't hold back. The chemistry between these two is awesome to watch!

Apr 29,2021

Dustin Hazel & Jeremy Barker are all smiles in this pre-FUCK interview as Jeremy prepares to take Dustin Hazel's cock.

Apr 27,2021

How are you feeling after watching Dennis Barkley's performance? Dennis says he feels like he's on a cloud after the whole thing. Dennis and our producer have a quick chat as he gets ready to head outside and wash off!

Apr 26,2021

It's Dennis Barkley's time to shine and he's not shy at all! Dennis gets his huge cock hard and gets right to it! Enjoy watching this beefy stud get knuckle deep for some ass play while he lays back and moans in ecstasy!

Apr 25,2021

19 year old Dennis Barkley has been a fan of Blurred Media's content for a long time! He first got told that he should try porn himself at a VERY young age. A few years later, he followed the advice of many past partners and applied to be a model! Dennis talks basketball, lifting, sexual fantasies and more before taking off to show us what he's got!

Apr 24,2021

Apollo Parker & Thomas Rosewood did NOT disappoint! Now let's see what they have to say about it all in this post-fuck interview. Did you like this pairing? Open discussion in the comments below!

Apr 23,2021

You know, they call Thomas Rosewood "Moose" for a reason... Apollo Parker found that out the HARD way... and Apollo wouldn't have had it ANY other way! Sparks will fly when you hit play! The passion and intensity between these two is unmatched.

Apr 22,2021

Shhh... Here's a secret, Apollo Parker has got a little crush on Thomas Rosewood! Can you pick that up after watching their pre-fuck interview?? Comment below what you think!

Apr 20,2021

Gianni Coval admits the solo was a bit tougher than he thought, but who would have known? He was rock hard the whole time and blew a huge load on command! Even though it was a challenge, Gianni really nailed it. Now, it's time to get that thick booty in the shower and clean up the fruits of his success!

Apr 19,2021

Gianni Coval must be a baker because this man has CAKE! You know you can't have cake without a little frosting and Gianni's serving up a large amount! Anyone want to lick the spoon?

Apr 18,2021

Can you tell this is Gianni's first time in front of a camera? He seems so calm and confident! From hunting and working out to his favorite sex positions, we're learning ALL about our newest hairy hunk! He might even have a dirty little secret for us...