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Latest Promotional Galleries

Sep 02,2021

Kingsley Kross went out to the park to shoot some hoops and ran into Mr. Nice Guy, Mason Skyy. Things quickly got heated and Mason ended up pulling his groin! Oh no... that's ok though, Kingsley lives close by and took Mason back to take gooood care of him. Two nice guys! This has to end good.

Aug 31,2021

Neal Peterson makes his GayHoopla debut in the best way possible, opening up the interview deep-throating Jerry Cabrera's pretty big dick. Neal takes a minute to say hello, then puts his dog treat bone, right back into his mouth. This had to be Jerry's best top performance ever! As soon as he got into Neal's twinky ass, he swang for the fences. I wasn't even sure it was humanely possible to fuck as fast as Jerry did Neal. Only other time I've seen this was when JJ Swift fucked Dmitry Dickov in TrueJizz. Neal took that monster uncut cock like a champ though, getting pounded away and loving every second of it. He took Jerry's nut right to the mouth and swallowed as many drops as he could before it dried to his face. Do you want to see more of Neal?

Aug 30,2021

Kane Hardy's already stolen hearts as a sexy power top, but many don't know that he's been testing some new waters! Kane's never tried real anal penetration before and he decided he wanted to get a step closer to that in his solo! We told Kane we'd slide him a little extra if he put a finger or two in his ass, and he came in with a whole plug! Does this mean we'll see a cock up there soon?!

Aug 29,2021

Kane Hardy's known since day one that he should be fucking on camera! After already making fans fall in love with his debut scene a few weeks ago, Kane's ready to show what he can do all by himself! Do you think Kane's nervous at all?!

Aug 28,2021

Dustin Hazel's first EVER live show!

Aug 27,2021

When we mentioned how much King Coleman was packing, Eli Bennett said "Bring it on!". A challenge indeed for Eli but did he have any regrets? Absolutely not. These two were all about this hot fuck together. This got very hot, and wet as King pushed Eli's limits a little further with every stroke. Do you remember a big dick you've taken in the past? Tune in to see how well Eli was able to take this monster.

Aug 26,2021

Eli Bennett & King Coleman get ready to set the stage for a hot hookup to remember. Click play now to see why.

Aug 25,2021

MIchael Evans & JJ Swift lost files are found.

Aug 24,2021

Sebastian is a very confident guy, he knows he's got a cute face, tight ass and little muscle body to go with it. He told me that he had hitchhiked in the past and the guy that picked him up was a bit older than him, maybe 32, 6 feet tall, tan skin and pretty ripped. As he sat next to him, driving down the freeway, all Sebastian could do was to think what it would be like to have this guy's dick down his throat or buried in his ass. He wanted to reach over and slide his hand across the guy's huge package, but before he knew it, they'd arrived at his destination he lived. Sebastian mentioned how he'd jerked off and fingered himself to this memory numerous times. Today when he had his thumb in the air and Derek pulled up, he knew he was going to take full advantage of the situation. Within minutes Derek is deep inside, completely dominating him. Sebastian was in heaven, he'd dreamed about this for the longest time. In the end Derek couldn't hold back any longer, he pulled out and dropped a huge load all over Sebastian's dick.

Aug 23,2021

Kinglsey Kross is very well known for doing kinky things. After his scene with Thomas Rosewood, he decided he needed to play with his cock just a little more! We set Kingsley and Thomas up in the back and gave them some time alone. Kinglsey didn't hesitate to play tonsil tennis with Thomas' long thick dick and even got a taste of that precious thicc dump truck booty hole!

Aug 21,2021

Ryan Winter meets Zane Penn's monster ass. Love these two together. The room lit up with huge smiles as they admired each other's bodies. This was only Ryan's second time with a man and looks like he's starting to get the hang of it. This was the true test for Zane's ass because Ryan has a monster cock and a pair of balls to match it. Watch insanely hot Ryan Winter, tear Zane's ass apart at GayHoopla!

Aug 20,2021

It was just a matter of time...Thomas Rosewood has been holding out on letting anyone get in that big beautiful butt of his, but there's something about Mason Skyy that just told him YES. Not only does Thomas bottom for the first time ever, he also needs to fuck cutie Mason too, of course. Tough to beat a good flip-flop-FUCK! These guys loved ever bit of it all the way through to the outdoor shower together. Now back to work Mason! You nosey little delivery guy!

Aug 19,2021

Mason Skyy was just doing his job as a proper delivery man when he noticed the package was damaged upon drop off. So he inspected closer and found a big dildo poking out. At that exact moment, he looked inside to see Thomas Rosewood, completely naked, jerking off, AND signaling him to come in. Oh boy, what happens next? Thomas convinces his delivery guy to fuck him in the ass for the FIRST time ever.

Aug 16,2021

Martin Rush took a day off of his normal athletics for a different game today. Martin's got everything he needs to win, including incredible ball handling skills. Just look at how he fondles those testicles as he helps motivate his sex baton to the finish line! After every hard game there's a shower, and today Martin is showering in cum!

Aug 15,2021

Martin Rush was watching porn one day when a little video came across his screen. A few weeks later he's found himself on set with GayHoopla filming his first adult content! Martin has a nice guy demeanor but after a few questions we learn that's all just a front!

Aug 13,2021

Kane Hardy was just looking for a good time when he was instructed to put on a mask, cuff himself, and wait for his hot Grindr date to stop over for some fun... but the date never showed and Kane was left looking pretty silly. Thankfully, Kane has a nosey neighbor and he hadn't heard from Kane so he got worried and called the police to have them stop by and make sure everything was ok. Hometown hero cop, Kingsley Kross, stopped over and stumbled upon more than he saw cumming... Here's a hint, Kane has gotten even MORE horny since he's been waiting so long to FUCK. "Wait, is that a fake police badge?" Don't miss this update with 2 new stars!

Aug 12,2021

Kane Hardy thought he had a hot Grindr date all lined up only to realize that his date left him all tied up (literally). Luckily, your friendly neighborhood cop Kingsley Kross was called by a concerned neighbor to check on Kane but he found much more than he had bargained for... in the best way possible.

Aug 09,2021

Thomas Rosewood and Mason Skyy had a sexy hookup on camera earlier today. That didn't seem to be enough for Thomas though and he asked if we could set up some cameras for him and Mason. It seems Thomas really needed some more dick down his throat and Mason didn't hesitate to help him out!