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Latest Promotional Galleries

Sep 07,2013

Ran Han had his first big show for GayHoopla. Although he had to get use to it all, he warmed up very fast. This proud "slut" gave the fans everything they dreamed about. He also ate his cum at the end. FYI he loves when you call him slut.

Sep 07,2013

Cameron Foster CAM SHOW

Aug 28,2013

Cody Wolfe makes his first live show debut. His voice will melt you and his guitar will seduce you. Let me also touch on his huge uncut cock and desire to bend over and show that asshole. We Approve :)

Aug 26,2013

Bobby Rivera did his very first live show tonight. He became a huge fan favorite in a matter of an ass flash. His vocal jerking and cumming really had me turned on. Great uncut stud.

Aug 24,2013

Jaden Storm is back again after a nice long vacation. He started off in the shower and ended in the bed... with a dildo. As usual, Jaden is a great showman.

Aug 23,2013

Cole Money just got back from meeting his girl friends parents as was excited to tell us about it. Things went so well that he just so anxious to just take off his clothes as he shared. Based on his cum shot, I think the relationship will be great... He even spoke about fucking her on camera.

Aug 16,2013

Prestin Presley sadly hurt his arm at his other job. This did stop him from all his crazy acrobatic shit, but didn't stop him from jerking. Watch the king of charge of Cock and Roll cum for us.

Aug 15,2013

What an unexpected show from Mr. Cruise. After a certain goal was reached, he promised to bring out the butt toy. Lets just say we hit the goal and Mr. Cruise lived up to his end of the bargain. Hot Shit

Aug 15,2013

Bobby Rivera CAM SHOW

Aug 13,2013

So the subject of BIG DICKS came up today... who would have thought... and of course it just happen to be today's show of Dmitry Dickov. This crowd pleaser is very engaging and fun. Did we say he also has a big cock?

Aug 10,2013

Logan Vaughn brought his toys back out for some fun. He spent most the show in his shower trying out these lovely toys. Oh how I love being an ass man and getting to stare at his booty constantly...better watch things go in it.

Aug 07,2013

Jaden Storm did a Wednesday show right before leaving town for us. His AC was literally broken and he looked hot as ever. After a sexy shower and hot yoga, her jerked off hot as hell.

Aug 04,2013

Sean Holmes took on another new character today in Dr. Professor Holmes. One of our beloved members,Tallison,just graduated with is MBA. Not so fast... Dr. Holmes felt that Tallison needed to pass one more interview before granted his certificate. Dr. Holmes had some very personal questions for Tallison and demanded he'd answer them. Slowly stripping out of his professional attire... Dr. Holmes wanted to spray a load on his face for the final approval. I wish all my professors were this hot!

Aug 03,2013

Logan Vaughn showed up right on time sporting his new haircut and glasses. He started off by showing his tree trunk tanned legs and got the crowd to start getting rowdy. He later showed off his signature ass as pointed it right at the camera. Logan then proceeded to jerk off and cum all over his abs. What a Hunk.

Aug 02,2013

Jaden Storm shows up for his first GayHoopla show smashing chat records. 132 viewers came to watch Jaden Storm in his Cowboy attire, beat his meat. This superstar has endless charisma with years of experience. It's no wonder he's a fan favorite and a guy who's just hard not to like. After stripping down to for us to his rock hard body, Jaden spends most the show nude. He starts to thrust his cock in between his hands and finds his cock growing. Once totally hard, he needed a release! Jaden Storm started and ended his show with a bang. Welcome to the GayHoopla Team Jaden.

Aug 01,2013

Chance Cruise showed up tonight wanting to please. He just got back from the gym so he decided to jump in the shower for us and wash that sweaty body. The man can'tt stop dancing so he put on some music and swirled that body like a snake. When get got out, he lathered himself up with lotion to keep his skin nice and youthful. After shaking his ass a little longer, he hoped in a chair to jerk off for us. He aimed the camera where you could see him and another view of him in the mirror. Such a hot scene… finishing up while moaning one of the members names out loud. Lucky man!

Jul 31,2013

Cole Mr. Money is just an awesome performer. He's great at reading the chat, answering questions, all while being amazingly sexy. Tonight Mr. Money showed off that hairy body and had the crowd roaring. He's literally in the best shape of his life walking around with a Dong just as impressive. He strokes that monster until it breathes fire. Cole was definitely money on this encounter.

Jul 30,2013

Barry just had his best show yet. He came out with energy and charisma. Really engaged in chat, Barry told some great stories as he spread his ass. One of the stories was about a 3 some that involved another guy. Lets just say it's one you need to hear with your own ears. After showing the audience all inches of his body... Barry spread his legs and stroked that cock. CUM check this one out.