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Latest Promotional Galleries

Mar 28,2021

We're giving out a package deal today on GayHoopla! Dee & Jay King are the sexiest two for one deal you'll ever find in your life! These two guys love to do everything together. They're so in sync they even finish each other's sentences. Make sure you pay attention in the solo and let us know who's dick is bigger!

Mar 27,2021

Franco Styles & Jeremy Barker just put on one hell of a rough, passion filled show. Now hit play to find out how they think it all went, what their highlight was, and much more!

Mar 26,2021

Jeremy Barker showed no mercy on Franco Styles's asshole. Must have been some pent up energy between these two that we didn't know about or something... Franco is enjoying bottoming more and more. He's ready for "The Pounder" to tear him up.

Mar 25,2021

At this point, Jeremy Barker has quite the reputation as "The Pounder". He just seems to nail every hole that comes his way. New bottom boy Franco Styles welcomed the idea of getting his hole hammered from behind by the almighty Pounder. See what else they have to say by pushing play NOW!

Mar 23,2021

Arturo's biggest fear was being able to perform, but that's clearly not a problem! With his solo done, Arturo Torres takes off outside to clean himself up. His body is looking PERFECT under a rare cloud-covered day in the Valley!

Mar 22,2021

No piece of furniture is left untouched on set when Arturo's around! It didn't take him long to get comfortable playing with that big brown cock. Those big arms look so strong gripping that thing! This horny devil even decided to go for some anal play before ending with a creamy cumshot, mmmmmm!

Mar 21,2021

Arturo Torres is a low-key freak in sheets. Those big brown eyes and that soft smile had us fooled into thinking he was the innocent type. We can't believe how many people he's fucked!

Mar 20,2021

Nothing like being held after taking a cock as big as Jayden Marcos's. Martavis Ray is certainly feeling the love and what a scene these two had! Just WOW! Now see what they have to say about the entire hookup!

Mar 19,2021

What's the biggest dick you've ever taken? As big as Jayden Marcos? Martavis Ray doesn't have much anal experience but he NEVER turns down a challenge! Thank goodness for that because so many of you beg and plead to hook Jayden up with someone that can take his huge cock! The time is FINALLY HERE! This is a hot, chemistry filled scene between two friends. Raw and organic with plenty of jaw dropping moments that you don't wanna miss.

Mar 18,2021

Martavis Ray would be lying if he said he wasn't nervous at all to take Jayden Marcos's MONSTER cock in his ass. VERY few have ever taken on this GIANT task before... but guess what? As Martavis would say, "Mama ain't raise no bitch!" See what else these two have to say in this pre-FUCK interview.

Mar 17,2021

These three didn't waste any time getting going. We barely got the camera on in time before they were already going. Jayden pounds Travis while Price sucks him until he blows a load and by the end, Price has shot a big load of cum that goes so far it hits Jayden in the head.

Mar 16,2021

We didn't waste any time talking to the guys at the start of this scene because neither of these young men wanted to wait. They just dove face-first into a rather passionate kiss and lead to a rough, full-bore fuck session with Jayden slamming Blake's hole. Jayden couldn't stop kissing and touching him. Jayden came all over himself with that dick in his hole and then pulled out and added to the cum splash on his chest. We ran out of battery and ran out of disc space, but these guys were ready for round two when they were done. It's ok... you'll be amazed at what you see.

Mar 16,2021

Wow! This scene is finally here. This scene wasn't ever supposed to be filmed... but the guys band together and insisted. Collin Simpson, Alex Griffen, Zach Douglas, Tyler Smith, & Forrest Marks all got along so well during this weekend, they thought a group orgy would be a perfect way to end things. I can't really pin-point who was the superstar here because they all came in ready to showoff. The energy was insane as all the guys shared themselves with the other. I think my favorite part was seeing Zach Douglas take a load to the face or Collin Simpson getting rimmed and blown at the same time. This scene is easily worth an entire full membership.

Mar 16,2021

Clearly excited after a show-stopping solo, Apollo is quick to clean off the fruits of his success. He made sure to get a little taste before washing it all down the drain, though. Apollo's very social and couldn't help but dance around and joke with our camera-man the whole time!

Mar 15,2021

Apollo Parker is out of this world, in more ways than one! This sexy dancer takes very good care of his shredded body. You'll already be drooling by the time he gets his pants off and whips out that big beautiful veiny cock. Seriously, look at how big his penis is. Could you even get your mouth around that? I bet you'd like to try...

Mar 14,2021

Like big swinging dicks? If so, Apollo Parker is the guy to bring around! It's truly a challenge to pay attention to what this guy is saying with that shredded body swinging that monster cock around.

Mar 13,2021

After a hot, intense FUCK Franco Styles & Thomas Rosewood talk about how damn GOOD it all was. These studs certainly had some great chemistry and Franco is slowly but surely becoming a good lil bottom slut here at GayHoopla! Comment below if you're all for that!

Mar 12,2021

When putting a big dick up your ass, remember one VERY important and simple rule... BREATHE! That's all Franco Styles had to do and once he accepted "Moose's" big cock it was ALL pleasure from there... and the face doesn't lie Franco! He's smiling and moaning the whole time Thomas filled him up with his long, thick dick. On another note, Thomas was rimming Franco so good that it made him cum! That's some serious skills Thomas!