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Latest Promotional Galleries

Jun 11,2021

Have you ever hooked up with a friend? Was it weird after? Or did you two continue to hook up and keep the open friendship going? Dustin Hazel & Apollo Parker were friends long before they decided to hook up. You can tell by their chemistry and energy around each other that they are both very comfortable with each other. That kind of comfort typically results in a FIRE scene... and that's exactly what we got here. Just wait till the cumshots!

Jun 10,2021

Apollo Parker & Dustin Hazel have known each other for a little while now. Long enough to know that they've both been looking forward to getting to hook up! What else can we pick up in this pre-fuck interview? Comment below!

Jun 07,2021

You may need to watch that cum shot again. If you look close enough, you can actually see a part of Roman's soul leave his body as his body lets out one of the craziest cumshots we've seen on set! Roman claims this happens every time he cums and he says everyone loves it!

Jun 06,2021

There's something so hot about a man full of passion. Roman Austin claims to give everything 150% passion, and we can feel it here in this interview. It's easy to tell that Roman really cares about putting on a show... Just wait until you see it!

Jun 05,2021

Pure domination, that's what comes to mind when we think about THIS scene. Jaxson Briggs once pulled Thomas Fry's hair and told him to "take it". ROOF! Now THAT'S hot! If that alone isn't a strong enough preface for this rough ass fuck then do yourself a favor and watch them fuck now! For now though, check their post-fuck interview and see what they have to say about it all! It may give you a few clues... Do you think nerdy Thomas will be seeking out more BBCs in his personal time now? COMMENT BELOW!

Jun 04,2021

At this point, you've seen Jaxson Briggs fuck Apollo Parker and Franco Styles, but did you know Thomas Fry was the first guy he's EVER fucked in his life! This is the moment! Can nerdy Thomas take all of Jaxson's BBC? Comment below what you think! You may be shocked by how rough it gets...

Jun 03,2021

So here's the story, this is Jaxson Briggs's FIRST GayHoopla scene and he admitted that he's never fucked a guy before. Thomas Fry also has limited experience, but definitely has NEVER had a cock THIS big before. Good news though, they are BOTH down for the challenge! What else do you pick up on from this pre-fuck interview? Comment below!

May 31,2021

As if his beaming smile, carved body, and bright attitude wasn't enough to make you start feeling a little hot... This sexy stud LOVES Anal Play! Mason Nicklaus shows us right off the bat that he's made to be in front of the camera. His heavy moans mixed with his stroke game will have you ready to bust before you get to the best part! A little hint: there's a toy involved!

May 30,2021

Mason Nicklaus is an open book when it comes to his life, his kinks and his start in the industry. Mason comes from humble beginnings and started things a little later in life. Take a second to sit down and listen to how this 19 y/o virgin turned into a 28 year old STUD!

May 29,2021

Joel Gordo & Adam Von really went after it. Helps that they are both really into each other off camera too. Them together just looked so natural! Now let's see what they have to say about it all in this post-FUCK interview. What did you think?? Open discussion below in the comments section!

May 28,2021

Adam Von loves taking the D. He's just such a horny guy! Always on the lookout for his next hookup. Well Adam, we've set one up for ya... Joel Gordo is here with his fat cock and he's looking to bury it in some hole, you down? Of course you are ;) This is one hot, wild fuck! Complete with the pile driver and Joel eating up all the cum at the end. These two are FREAKY! Comment below what you thought!

May 27,2021

Adam Von has always had a crush on Joel Gordo. He's just always thought Joel was such a manly hottie! Hairy and just reeks with nothing but MAN. Check out their interview to see how pumped they are to finally be getting their fuck on.

May 26,2021

Who doesn't love watching two hot sweaty, muscle studs go body-to-body? Chase Arcangel continues his wrestling with the models. This time it's Kendrick Driver and he's MORE than amped to go! Just wait till you see his pre-game hype up!

May 25,2021

Due to missing his flight, Justin Jones was on a time crunch during his trip! He busted out a fat cumshot for the camera and hurried off so fast to the shower, we didn't have time for questions! No worries though, Justin's performance speaks for itself!

May 24,2021

If Justin Jones had to be described in one word, "big" would be the one. Justin's got big muscles, big hair, a big cock and a big ole booty! You might even find yourself getting hypnotized when he starts moving those gargantuan glutes in a circle for the camera!

May 23,2021

Justin Jones didn't have the easiest start on his visit to the GayHoopla set. After a few major obstacles, Justin made it just in time for his interview before going into his solo and we couldn't be happier. Justin has a sexy smile, great hair and a KILLER body! Just wait until you see what else he's packing...

May 22,2021

The Thomas bros Thomas Rosewood & Thomas Fry just had one hell of a hook up! You could tell by the look on Thomas Fry that he was both surprised by the feelings he felt while "Moose" Rosewood was stroking him out and that he thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it as well! These two are all smiles in this post-FUCK recap.

May 21,2021

All we see is THOMAS! Thomas Fry is just what the doctor ordered for Thomas Rosewood. He can take dick and "Moose" definitely has PLENTY to give! You can see how awesome the experience is for Thomas F especially based off of his facial expressions. Plenty of moments of surprise and pleasure. All smiles for these two fellas! They definitely had fun and we honestly wouldn't be surprised if they fucked off camera again based on THIS type of chemistry.