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Latest Promotional Galleries

Oct 10,2021

Danny Sosa came to set looking to knock a big item off of his bucket list! He's stoked to be fucking and stroking his dick on camera! Danny's a fan of letting his work do the talking though, and he keeps things short and sweet before he shows off what he's got!

Oct 08,2021

Something was missing from Kingsley Kross & Mason Skyy's first scene together... A flip-flop FUCK. Young Kingsley knew he needed to fill Mason's hole. So we let them have at it and boy are we glad we did. The chemistry and intense sexual chemistry between these two is off the charts! Just click play, it's that easy.

Oct 07,2021

Kingsley Kross & Mason Skyy needed a round two that included a flip fuck and we were like, FUCK YES! Kingsley is a grade A bottom but he also can lay down the pipe too when the time is right! This is gonna be even hotter than their first hookup.

Oct 04,2021

It was light one night after a long day of filming and Kane was still hard as a rock! He had asked around for some help but everyone in the house was exhausted. Kane really needed to get some relief so he grabbed up a couple cameras and took off to the back! Kane shows more than just his cock attention in this kinky, dirty talking solo show!

Oct 01,2021

There's a first time for everything, right? King Coleman makes dreams cum true for Drew Andrews in this rough fuck. It's Drew's first BBC and we'd be lying if we told you he wasn't a little nervous to take this BIG of a challenge on. Once King got Drew's ass warmed up, he started really stroking it out and it didn't stop there. Dirty talk, spitting in each other's mouths, and some hard ass pounding is what you get with these two. Of course it ends with a MASSIVE facial to seal the deal on a hot scene.

Sep 30,2021

Drew Andrews has shown us at GayHoopla that he has turned into quite the bottom boy for our studs. King Coleman is next to pound that hole with his BBC, but first, let's get the fellas interview to see if we can pick up any hints on how they're both feeling going into this hot fuck.

Sep 27,2021

It's a well known fact that Lance Richards is prime A1 beef, but his winners attitude knows NO bounds! We offered Lance the opportunity to make a little extra money if he could get a little freakier in his solo. There was no hesitation from Lance to do whatever would make the video better. After dropping a show stopping solo, Lance pulled us to the side and offered to do the solo again if it wasn't good enough! He was stoked when we told him he KILLED it!

Sep 26,2021

Lance Richards is that ultra "Chad" from school you always wanted to fuck! The confidence the big guy has is sure to rub off on anyone in the room. He's the kind of guy to get the whole room pumped up! Lance was pretty straightforward about being willing to do anything to be the best! Be prepared to pick your jaw up from the floor when you see his solo.

Sep 24,2021

Kingsley Kross & Thomas Rosewood are content creators and are helping each other with snapping some sexy pictures of each other when things just heat up too much for them to keep their hands off of each other. They go wild with mutual blow jobs/rim jobs and at that point, super flexible Kingsley grabs his ankles and tells Thomas to stick it in. With nothing but a sticky mess to clean up after a hot fuck, these sexy men head outside for a shower to clean up together.

Sep 23,2021

Kingsley Kross has quickly become a rising star at GayHoopla while Thomas Rosewood is now hitting veteran status... his confidence has hit an all-time high. Bring two like THIS together and you're bound for something memorable. Click play to see the oily mess before they get their fuck on.

Sep 20,2021

Kane Hardy and Mason Skyy are bros through and through! They heard about our new "Bro" jobs feature and knew they had to get in on it. After a long day of filming, Kane's dick was still raging and he really needed to get another nut out! Mason being the bro he is pulled Kane to the back, handed him a camera and sucked him off!

Sep 17,2021

Mason's been looking around online for someone to fuck around with. He stumbled across Alyssa, a hot lonely wife looking to hookup on the low. After a few hot texts Mason got a video of Alyssa's ass up close! After explaining her husband was away, Alyssa told Mason to come over. Excited to get his nut in, Mason takes off and heads over to get it in. Things seem a little weird when Mason shows up to an open door and Alyssa "changing in the bathroom" telling him to toss the blindfold on and wait. Being the horny fucker he is, Mason does what he's told. Not long after, Mason was balls deep in Alyssa's throat! Everything was great until Alyssa's voice suddenly changed... Was that a guy?!

Sep 16,2021

Rico Vega loves straight guys and hooking up with them! He's been catfishing as a married woman named Alyssa online. "Alyssa" matched up with a cute guy named Mason Skyy and they hit it off! Mason really can't believe his luck as "Alyssa" tells him that her husbands left for work and she wants him over NOW for a surprise. After showing up at her house, Mason's told to put on a blindfold and wait. What comes next is definitely a big surprise...

Sep 13,2021

Mason Skyy heard Kingsley Kross was skilled in the art of draining dicks and needed to find out for himself. Late one night after everyone was done shooting on set, Mason grabbed a camera and pulled Kingsley to the side. Not even five minutes later, Kingsley had a throat full of Mason's throbbing cock!

Sep 10,2021

Thomas Rosewood has got a thing for rich, fit guys so when Kane Hardy pulled up in his shiny new Tesla, Thomas damn near dropped his pants and begged Kane Hardy to fuck his big bubble butt right then and there. Luckily, Kane lives right down the street so the instant attraction between these two didn't have to wait long. Once they got inside the house, Kane filled up Thomas's dump truck booty with dick until he left him covered in cum. Outdoor shower after anyone??

Sep 09,2021

When Kane Hardy pulled up next to Thomas Rosewood in his shiny new Tesla it DEFINITELY got his attention... exactly what Kane intended it to do. He asked Thomas if he needed a lift and as soon as he was in the car he was all over Kane. Just couldn't help himself! Thankfully, Kane lives right down the street where he could better help out his new hitch hiker buddy to the FULLEST.

Sep 06,2021

Three hot men coaching you to a climax? It's a good Monday! We wanted to celebrate the Labor Day weekend by giving YOU some time off! Sit back, pull your cock out, and let these dirty talking studs take over!

Sep 03,2021

We had a feeling that Kingsley Kross was looking to help Mason Skyy with more than just his pulled groin. With a big cock like Mason's whipping out at ya, what else was sexy teen Kingsley supposed to do?! Clearly the next steps are to tie your legs behind your head and wait for some long dicking from Mason's big hard cock. This is one HOT scene with two sexy young STUDS! Lesson learned, make new friends at the park!