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Latest Promotional Galleries

Nov 08,2021

Jordan Joseph came to set ready to blow loads and blow minds! Jordan whipped out that big ole dick and immediately got it rocked up and ready to go! He was hard and stroking his dick already when the camera came in, and we decided to just roll with that! This guy holds back NOTHING as he shows off some anal play and then cleans up his own cum!

Nov 07,2021

Jordan Joseph really seems like he's never nervous at all. From the moment we picked him up from the airport, he was chill and ready to get his porn career going! When we told him we needed a little interview from him, Jordan hopped right in front of the camera and started talking! Jordan didn't even need many questions to carry the interview along. This young man's personality isn't the only thing about him that's big and confident...

Nov 05,2021

Lucas Walker has been a HUGE fan of GayHoopla for years. He's been watching our stuff and has developed many crushes along the way. Kingsley Kross left him star-struck though. He couldn't get enough of teen wonder Kingsley. When we were told this story by Lucas, we knew we had to make this young virgins dream cum true. Lucas has never fucked anyone before, but he's not scared... he's been fantasizing about Kingsley for too long to be nervous now. After a passionate fuck, these two teens hit the outdoor shower to get their hands on each other one last time.

Nov 04,2021

Virgin Lucas Walker has been fantasizing about his GayHoopla crush Kingsley Kross ever since he saw his first GH scene. What a special event this is going to be! We're excited for you to pop your anal cherry with us Lucas! A true fantasy cum true! But first, let's see what they have to say in the pre-fuck interview.

Nov 03,2021

Everything was all good when Canelo Ment & Jeremy Barker were just having some fun jerking off together and checking each other's dicks out, but what they didn't see coming was Canelo's step-dad coming home early to catch them in the act. They were just as shocked as he was. What does step-dad do? Well he pulls Jeremy out of the room and tells him he's gonna have to call his dad... but Jeremy's willing to do anything for that to not happen. Stay tuned for part 2... TO BE CONTINUED.

Nov 02,2021

LIVE SHOW featuring Jordan Joseph and Kane Hardy with a guest appearances by our Virgin model Lucas Walker, DocTayTay, and T! These hot studs came in with no boundaries and by the time the 90 mins was over, they did it all. Yup, these guys fucked on live webcam! Hell Lucas Walker did it all for free lol he just wanted a taste of that live show fame.

Nov 01,2021

Thomas Rosewood couldn't help himself and pulled Kane off for a blowie! As soon as Kane whipped out his dick, Thomas had to comment on that big thing! Thomas didn't hesitate to choke on his cock and balls before stroking Kane off to a happy ending!

Oct 29,2021

Tough to go wrong with a duo like Bryce Beckett & Kingsley Kross. These two are an electrifying pair that do not disappoint when the cameras are on. Natural performers? Or just love to FUCK? Perhaps a combination of both would explain why these two will make your jaw drop. Bryce takes on an Alpha dominant role and flexible teen Kingsley is all for getting tied up in a pretzel for his dream boo Bryce. It's only fitting this scorching scene ends with a massive facial for Kingsley and a refreshing outdoor shower for the handsome pair.

Oct 28,2021

Bryce Beckett is a GayHoopla veteran and has an adoring fan base and rightfully so! He's going to teach Kingsley Kross a thing or two about how to really put on a show for the camera. Prepare to be dominated Kingsley! Check out their pre-FUCK interview now to see what other clues you can gather for how their hookup is gonna go.

Oct 26,2021

If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of our camera man's jaw hitting the floor at the end of this solo! Lucas walker came in looking like an innocent virgin, and ended the solo a D1 SMASHLETE! Lucas put everything he's learned from porn into his solo and did not hold back! Sit back and enjoy our new star and his finger-licking good solo!

Oct 25,2021

It's not often we get virgins here on set, but to get one like Lucas Walker is one in a million! For someone so new to the sex scene, Lucas seems to be too comfortable in front of a camera! He told us he's been a fan of all of our sites for quite a while, and he's just stoked to show us what he's learned from watching!

Oct 22,2021

What else are frat bros Eli Bennett & Kane Hardy supposed to do being under lockdown at their frat together for 36hrs?! You gotta drain the pipes, right?! But something else tells us that these two had been thinking about hooking up for some time. Kane's curiosity gets the best of him and he has to check out what Eli is watching for porn while he jerks it. He notices Eli is watching a GayHoopla video and that's when the flood gates open up. Raw, hardcore, fucking ensues which leaves Kane with cum in his ass and Eli with a MASSIVE facial. Damn those lockdowns look TOUGH! Unless you have a good friend alongside you to help burn the time of course.

Oct 21,2021

Under a 36 hour lockdown, Frat bros Eli Bennett & Kane Hardy are starting to get a little stir crazy in their room. Not just that, they are also getting pretty damn horny... So what will they do? Turn your back to me bro and don't peak over here at me! What's that you say Kane? You heard guys give better head? Hmmm why don't you try it out and see for yourself!

Oct 18,2021

Kingsley Kross and Mason Skyy talked and decided they wanted to switch roles for another Bro-job! This time, Mason's getting a mouth full of Kingsley's young fresh uncut cock! You may as well take your pants off now before the show even starts...

Oct 15,2021

"Oh shit! The cops are here!" is what came out of Jeremy Barker's mouth when police officer Bryce Beckett approached the vehicle, but it was too late to get away. Jeremy was in the middle of a hookup and now that he was caught getting it on on campus, he is at risk of getting expelled! Jeremy will do ANYTHING for that to not happen... And he might just like it too.

Oct 14,2021

When police officer Bryce Beckett is doing his regular rounds on campus, he comes across a vehicle that's rocking. He pops the trunk and catches Jeremy Barker in the back with one of his hookups. "You know you can get expelled for this?" Bryce says to the two. These students can't afford that happening so they tell Bryce they'll do anything to get out of it. Back to Bryce's place they go, but only Jeremy is welcome inside for this to be made right.

Oct 11,2021

I almost thought Danny Sosa's name was Sammy Sosa after he knocked his solo out of the park! This might not be baseball but Danny's got this game figured out. Danny gives plenty of flexing and moaning while giving the showing angles of that hairy muscular body!

Oct 10,2021

Danny Sosa came to set looking to knock a big item off of his bucket list! He's stoked to be fucking and stroking his dick on camera! Danny's a fan of letting his work do the talking though, and he keeps things short and sweet before he shows off what he's got!