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Latest Promotional Galleries

Dec 21,2021

On the 10th day of Secret Menu Releases, GayHoopla gave to me... Edgar Soto & Jayden Marcos FUCKING! You know Jayden wanted to fuck Edgar's cute, tight ass, but that was a no-go once Edgar saw the coke can of a cock Jayden was working with. So, the next best thing? Edgar pounds out Jayden's hole until he coats him with a big, thick, creamy load. Hold on tight Jayden, your hole is about to get used and abused.

Dec 20,2021

On the 9th day of Secret Menu Releases, GayHoopla gave to me... a WILD Bukkake! Damn that was ALOT of cum! Freaky teen Kingsley Kross shows off his mouth skills with three of our studs: Mason Skyy, Thomas Rosewood, and Kane Hardy. This is a HOT one! Kingsley got used and abused, just how he likes it.

Dec 20,2021

Have you ever seen a dick dance before? I don't mean just bouncing up and down... I'm talking belly roll style movement. A Dick-Roll, if you will. Anyways, Zane's got one crazy talented dick and he loves showing it off! If you pay close enough attention, you might catch it dancing for the camera! He's here to leave an impression so he holds nothing back as he fingers his tight hairy ass and ends it all with the cherry on top: A big cumshot taste test!

Dec 19,2021

On the 8th day of Secret Menu Releases, GayHoopla gave to me... Jayden Marcos & Joe Mason FUCKING! These are two horny studs that simply can't get enough of each other. You can tell Jayden loves every inch of Joe's body. He licked him from head-to-toe! Literally! He was even tasting those feet! Animals!

Dec 19,2021

Everyone dreams of being a pornstar one day and Zane Walker is no different! Zane's been told by his friends for years that he belongs in the industry and he finally decided it was time to cut the talk. He's on set and feeling A1 as he gets ready to jerk his cock for all to see!

Dec 18,2021

On the 7th day of Secret Menu Releases, GayHoopla gave to me... A jerk off race for THREE! Channing Rodd, Dustin Hazel, and Jacob Booker get wild with some wrestling that ends in a jerk off race SHOWDOWN between two buds. Plot twist... Loser gets jizzed on!!

Dec 17,2021

Justin Taylor & Sage Hardwell have a good thing going. Their chemistry is off the charts, but it isn't always so evident. They are both such chill people outside the bedroom, but get them horny and going and they turn into a couple of freaky fuckers. Sage bent Justin over and piped him out long and strong. Great cumshots from both of them... hmmm pent up sexual tension you two?? Hot fuck!

Dec 17,2021

On the 6th day of Secret Menu Releases, GayHoopla gave to me... Blake Michael & Edgar Soto FUCKING! This scene may have defined Blake as the next great bottom boy for GayHoopla. He just really shined with a big dick in his ass. That nice tight ass was enough to make Edgar bust a big fat nut all over that muscle butt to finish off a red hot scene.

Dec 16,2021

Up and coming country music star, Justin Taylor will soon be exercising more than just his vocal cords because hairy Sage Hardwell is back and horny for some fresh meat. See how thick the sexual tension is in this pre-scene interview.

Dec 16,2021

On the 5th day of Secret Menu Releases, GayHoopla gave to me... Rick Randolph & Bryce Beckett getting freaky! Once Rick laid eyes on big Bryce, it was game over. Rick was obsessed... he knew that Bryce was ultimate alpha male. So what did Rick do? He made sure he put himself in position to get a taste.

Dec 15,2021

On the 4th day of Secret Menu Releases, GayHoopla gave to me... Josh & Price FUCKING! Raw and uncut, this unplanned BTS FUCK between Price Hogan & Josh Farve is something that will warm your heart. You can tell by watching the way these two snuggle up to each other that they are both DYING to get some attention from each other! Finally the sexual tension is just too much and the sexy, fit, young couple makes an excuse to sneak off to the bedroom... so the camera follows close behind to catch them already hot in the action of hooking up. A voyueristic, raw and uncut view at a hot spontaneous fuck between two horny young exclusive GayHoopla studs.

Dec 14,2021

On the 3rd day of Secret Menu Releases, GayHoopla gave to me... Collin Simpson & Adam Von FUCKING! This is one FEAKY DEEKY of a scene. Collin & Adam must have been horned the FUCK up for this leaked Secret Menu classic! A wild and intense flip-fuck that ends with Collin absolutely DRILLING Adam in the pile driver position until he pulled out and filled up Adam's GAPING ass with a huge creamy load.... but wait... there's MORE! Collin does the UNTHINKABLE next... Click play to see this must see ending that will leave you jaw dropped.

Dec 13,2021

On the 2nd day of Secret Menu Releases, GayHoopla gave to me... Kellan & Max FUCKING! Kellan Hartmann is a man of mystery... he comes and goes like a summer breeze... Something many love about this go-with-the-flow type of guy that's now a GayHoopla LEGEND. So here's the story, Kellan hit us up wanting to come back and film guy/guy for GayHoopla. Without hesitation, we lined up as many bottoms as possible for this giant cock to destroy. Pretty sure this was Kellan's first time ever fucking a guy... at least on camera ;)

Dec 13,2021

It should be illegal for someone to make you fall so effortlessly in love with their dick! Carter Smith looks perfect from every angle while he rubs one off in the crisp light of the Gayhoopla sign! By the end of this video, Carter will have you feeling some type of way! New challenge: see if you can keep your dick in your pants for even HALF of this video!

Dec 12,2021

On the 1st day of Secret Menu Releases, GayHoopla gave to me... Blake Michael and Travis Youth FUCKING! A hell of a scene to kick of the 12 days of GayHoopla Secret Menu Releases! We're excited to share the lineup! Interesting facts for this scene: It was BOTH of these popular studs 1st ever GayHoopla scenes. The cherry on top? It was also their first time hooking up with a guy, ever. What will happen?? Will Travis realize he's more into guys than girls...?

Dec 12,2021

Carter Smith is almost as humble as he is HOT! Carter's never done anything sexual on camera before he came to our set. When our producers asked why he decided to do this, he told us he just had a big break up and wanted to do something CRAZY! Carter seems a little nervous in his interview. How do you think he's going to do?!

Dec 10,2021

What is it about tatted up bad boys (with big dicks)? Is it because they're mysterious, unpredictable? Whatever the case, Jordan Joseph is THAT guy and clean cut teen bottom sensation Kingsley Kross is more than ready to bend over and grab his ankles in preperation for this big dick S.T.U.D. We're pretty sure this was Jordan's first time fucking a guy too... Click play and watch the beginning of a love affair for Jordan for some tight man hole.

Dec 09,2021

Jordan Joseph is a fresh face here at GayHoopla and he is quickly exploring new sexual possibilities. Handsome teen wonder boy, Kingsley Kross is Jordan's fuck toy today and you can tell both of them can hardly wait.