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Latest Promotional Galleries

May 23,2021

Justin Jones didn't have the easiest start on his visit to the GayHoopla set. After a few major obstacles, Justin made it just in time for his interview before going into his solo and we couldn't be happier. Justin has a sexy smile, great hair and a KILLER body! Just wait until you see what else he's packing...

May 22,2021

The Thomas bros Thomas Rosewood & Thomas Fry just had one hell of a hook up! You could tell by the look on Thomas Fry that he was both surprised by the feelings he felt while "Moose" Rosewood was stroking him out and that he thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it as well! These two are all smiles in this post-FUCK recap.

May 21,2021

All we see is THOMAS! Thomas Fry is just what the doctor ordered for Thomas Rosewood. He can take dick and "Moose" definitely has PLENTY to give! You can see how awesome the experience is for Thomas F especially based off of his facial expressions. Plenty of moments of surprise and pleasure. All smiles for these two fellas! They definitely had fun and we honestly wouldn't be surprised if they fucked off camera again based on THIS type of chemistry.

May 20,2021

Are we seeing double?? The Thomas bros, Thomas Fry & Thomas Rosewood get ready to rumble and Thomas F is super excited to be bottoming for MOOSE! How do you think it's gonna go? Open discussion in the comments below!

May 20,2021

The dream has come true at last! Ryan Love finished his solo with a blast and soaked himself! He doesn't stick around too long to talk before taking off to the shower to get cleaned off!

May 19,2021

They say chase your dreams, and Ryan did just that! Ryan got really into the solo and took it to the mirror to see for himself how he looked! It looked like Ryan might just Love on himself for a minute! Instead, he spread showed his ass and jerked his cock backwards! This mechanic definitely knows to work that tool in any angle!

May 18,2021

Leo Gotti is coolin' and relaxin' after busting out a great performance and a perfect tasting cumshot! Feeling right at home after getting the job done, he heads outside to clean off. The bright Arizona sun really lights up every inch of Leo as the water cascades down his muscular body!

May 18,2021

A normal night out for dinner was the beginning of a dream come true! He even admits that he didn't think Chase could actually get him to OUR set! Ryan, it's your lucky day! Good luck, buddy!

May 17,2021

Leo Gotti was ready to get things going right from that start of this solo! He pulled out his ROCK hard cock and got right into stroking and moaning in the privacy of the master bedroom! Leo pleasured himself for a while before turning over and getting his hips moving, rubbing that perfect dick across the top of our crisp white sheets! As if things couldn't get any hotter, Leo turns it back over and starts in on some anal play for one finger-fucking good time! He spends a while opening up for the camera before taking his attention back to his cock. Leo lets out a creamy cumshot and then licks it right up! Want to hear how he tastes? You know what to do...

May 16,2021

Leo Gotti's sex life has been off the charts since he started filming content! It all started when he met an old friend of his... A GayHoopla superstar, Derek Jones! Leo's got some crazy things going on, but nothing crazier than what he's about to get into. Listen to Leo open up about his sexual past and get an idea of how he's feeling before his first professional shoot!

May 15,2021

Extra, Extra... Read all about it! Jayden Marcos Just IMPALED Brian Kush... but here's the kicker... Brian not only took on the challenge, he LOVED IT! We suppose taking down a feat as large as this one (pun definitely intended) that the feeling has gotta feel somewhat like being one of the very few to walk on the moon, or climb Mt. Everest. Cum-covered and smiles galore for both these studs and well earned for such a great performance!

May 14,2021

Brian Kush... we gotta hand it to ya... not many have done what you did here bud! Jayden Marcos has a massive cock and it's THICK. That's the deal breaker for many that think about taking Jayden up their ass. Length is one thing, but that kind of girth is something you have to be physically and mentally prepared for! Brian never turns down a challenge though and once these two got warmed up, Brian shocked us all by begging for MORE of that MEGA dong. Hot scene with some awesome chemistry and plenty of action! What do you think? Do you think you could take on mighty Jayden Marcos? Comment below! Don't be shy now!

May 13,2021

Brian Kush is quickly coming along as a up and coming bottom that always welcomes a challenge. Jayden Marcos is the definition of that when it comes to letting him fuck your ass. Tune in to their pre-fuck interview to find out what Brian's been doing to prep for this MONSTER COCK.

May 12,2021

Chase Arcangel recruited sexy newbie Ryan Love and we're so very excited to have Ryan as a part of the GH squad! What does a guy like Chase do when he gets Ryan to the house for the first time? Why WRESTLE OF COURSE! These two both have a bit of a prior wrestling history and Chase even says that he's really been looking forward to this! Before they duke it out though, Chase has to show the rookie typical pre-wrestling procedure... that includes a thorough body oiling for our hot new blondie Ryan.

May 11,2021

Kendrix wasn't so sure about tasting his own cum before the shoot started. We told him we'd make a game-time decision on it, and as soon as he finished Kendrix went for it! We actually had to pump the brakes a bit so we could get up close! Enjoy his reaction and a long shower with our newest big cock cutie!

May 10,2021

Kendrix Carter's fresh on the scene and ready for his first adult film! He's jerked off a thousand times before, but he's NEVER used any anal play! Sit back and enjoy watching our new HUNG stud find a whole new sense of pleasure!

May 09,2021

Kendrix Carter is a sweet guy with a great smile and an even better attitude! He's also a longtime friend of one of our veteran stars, Martavis Ray! After seeing some of what Martavis was doing, Kendrix knew he needed a chance to get in front of the camera. Martavis is even here on set to help introduce our newest recruit!

May 08,2021

Franco Styles told Jaxson Briggs to not hold back... and that's exactly what Jaxson did. Jaxson used and abused Franco's asshole. Oddly enough, Franco was wanting MORE! How many MONSTER cocks are you taking in your personal life Franco!? Damn this boy can take DICK! Check out their post-interview now to see if Franco reveals any other information about his off-camera dick downs.