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Latest Promotional Galleries

Nov 28,2021

Justin Taylor isn't new to performing, but this stage is a different story. Justin's eager to step up and show us what that DICK do! Before he starts, we have a few questions for our newest southern gentleman.

Nov 26,2021

Jordan Joseph is our sexy new exclusive model and we're so pleased to have him here! Sage Hardwell caught a glimpse of our guy during our live show and hit us up saying he was ready to finally bottom. Coincidence? Not at all... Sage has got a thing for Jordan and it seems like he's been waiting for the right guy and the right moment to show us that he's ready to get his ass finally filled. But that's a pretty big dick Sage! Hopefully you stretched and prepared for this!

Nov 25,2021

New stud Jordan Joseph is in for a surprise for his first GayHoopla scene... He gets to take someone's anal virginity! Sage Hardwell has never bottomed before but his time is now! Jordan is sporting some serious meat downstairs though Sage! Hopefully you stretched for this first time experience...

Nov 24,2021

If you saw part 1, you know what happened with Jeremy Barker... But what happened to Canelo Ment? He was told to stay put in his bedroom and wait for his step-dad to come back. Canelo thought he was in BIG trouble... but what he didn't see coming was his step-dad hungry for his young stud cock.

Nov 22,2021

Kingsley Kross is well known for his love of gobbling up any cock he can get in his mouth! Kane Hardy's rocking a 3/4 chub at all times so when Kingsley came in saying he was cock thirsty, Kane was ready to help him out! A quick camera and lighting setup and these two horny studs are at it AGAIN!

Nov 19,2021

Super fan? That's fair to say about Leslie Madison. He's been watching GayHoopla for years... always wishing he was on the big screen showing off for the cameras and getting some action with our HOT guys... Specifically, Thomas Rosewood. So guess what? Leslie decided to do something about it and shoot his shot! He sent in an application, told us his story and we said, let's make a dream come true. Thomas was happy to oblige and filled Leslie's hole till he busted all over our new guy. What an experience! Shower anyone?!

Nov 18,2021

Super GayHoopla fan Leslie Madison finally gets his crack at being center stage in a GH feature. What he wasn't expecting though was to be paired up with his dream man, Thomas Rosewood on his very first scene! This is sure to be exciting!

Nov 15,2021

Troy Banderas is the newest latino stud to hit the GayHoopla solo stage! He may be new to the site but he's showing off moves that some of our veterans couldn't even do! Troy moves those hips like Shakira and makes us all wish we could sliiide right up underneath! After showing us the motion of the ocean, he gets things even spicier with some ass play before busting a huge one all over himself!

Nov 14,2021

Troy Banderas is a solid mix of sexy and seductive. He's got this sort of a bad boy look but a sweet guy attitude that'll really have you feeling some type of way! Troy's not new to the sex scene either... When asked if he was sexual, he let out a little giggle. Apparently Troy's had sex with multiple people at once inside of a tent. One thing he's never done before though? PORN!

Nov 12,2021

Let's just get it out there and address the elephant in the room... Kane Hardy has been putting some SERIOUS work in in the gym lately, right?! He looks more buff than ever! What a perfect time for him to OWN our new virgin bottom boy Lucas Walker. Lucas has never been fucked in the ass before, but he's down to try anything once. By the look on Lucas's cute face while he's getting rough fucked and man handled by Kane leads us to believe that there will be PLENTY of cock getting rammed into Lucas's tight hole in no time at all.

Nov 11,2021

Lucas Walker fucked his first guy Kingsley Kross just last week but now he's ready to TAKE a dick for the first time too. Why not try it all, right?? See what these two have to say in this fun pre-fuck interview. These two horny fuckers could barely keep their hands off each other!!

Nov 08,2021

Jordan Joseph came to set ready to blow loads and blow minds! Jordan whipped out that big ole dick and immediately got it rocked up and ready to go! He was hard and stroking his dick already when the camera came in, and we decided to just roll with that! This guy holds back NOTHING as he shows off some anal play and then cleans up his own cum!

Nov 07,2021

Jordan Joseph really seems like he's never nervous at all. From the moment we picked him up from the airport, he was chill and ready to get his porn career going! When we told him we needed a little interview from him, Jordan hopped right in front of the camera and started talking! Jordan didn't even need many questions to carry the interview along. This young man's personality isn't the only thing about him that's big and confident...

Nov 05,2021

Lucas Walker has been a HUGE fan of GayHoopla for years. He's been watching our stuff and has developed many crushes along the way. Kingsley Kross left him star-struck though. He couldn't get enough of teen wonder Kingsley. When we were told this story by Lucas, we knew we had to make this young virgins dream cum true. Lucas has never fucked anyone before, but he's not scared... he's been fantasizing about Kingsley for too long to be nervous now. After a passionate fuck, these two teens hit the outdoor shower to get their hands on each other one last time.

Nov 04,2021

Virgin Lucas Walker has been fantasizing about his GayHoopla crush Kingsley Kross ever since he saw his first GH scene. What a special event this is going to be! We're excited for you to pop your anal cherry with us Lucas! A true fantasy cum true! But first, let's see what they have to say in the pre-fuck interview.

Nov 03,2021

Everything was all good when Canelo Ment & Jeremy Barker were just having some fun jerking off together and checking each other's dicks out, but what they didn't see coming was Canelo's step-dad coming home early to catch them in the act. They were just as shocked as he was. What does step-dad do? Well he pulls Jeremy out of the room and tells him he's gonna have to call his dad... but Jeremy's willing to do anything for that to not happen. Stay tuned for part 2... TO BE CONTINUED.

Nov 02,2021

LIVE SHOW featuring Jordan Joseph and Kane Hardy with a guest appearances by our Virgin model Lucas Walker, DocTayTay, and T! These hot studs came in with no boundaries and by the time the 90 mins was over, they did it all. Yup, these guys fucked on live webcam! Hell Lucas Walker did it all for free lol he just wanted a taste of that live show fame.

Nov 01,2021

Thomas Rosewood couldn't help himself and pulled Kane off for a blowie! As soon as Kane whipped out his dick, Thomas had to comment on that big thing! Thomas didn't hesitate to choke on his cock and balls before stroking Kane off to a happy ending!