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Home Videos Zane Walker Makes His Dick Dance For The Camera!

Zane Walker Makes His Dick Dance For The Camera!

 | views: 769785 1%

Have you ever seen a dick dance before? I don't mean just bouncing up and down... I'm talking belly roll style movement. A Dick-Roll, if you will. Anyways, Zane's got one crazy talented dick and he loves showing it off! If you pay close enough attention, you might catch it dancing for the camera! He's here to leave an impression so he holds nothing back as he fingers his tight hairy ass and ends it all with the cherry on top: A big cumshot taste test!

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  • bigdickmike -

    This dude needs to bottom, for real. Bring him back for sure

  • earlyfinisher10 -

    Zane has the best facial expressions when he's about to cum! I could watch him all day long.

  • lonelylaker4 -

    Omggg that taste test after his cum shot ..I'm so hard

  • m3atysurpr1se -

    Obsessed with Zane's thick part is watching him finger his hairy asshole!

  • trex9123 -

    Where did you find this guy? He's amazing, complete package, handsome, really nice body, big cock that stays hard, great cumshot, full bush and and amazing ass that he knows how to show off. Really good camera work and direction for the solo too, helping him get the best angles to show off his ass and hole. Certainly the best solo we've seen, maybe ever, on this site.If we don't see him back in action, preferably bottoming, this Friday lots of your members will be disappointed.