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Home Videos Young Jocks Josh Farve And Price Hogan Meet

Young Jocks Josh Farve And Price Hogan Meet

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"TEEN-AGED SEX" - Yes, that's the theme for our Price Hogan / Josh Farve flip fuck. One of our members summed up this rim fiesta perfectly: "Hot passionate teen-aged sex" and we couldn't have said it better ourselves. No dick went un-sucked or ass un-fucked. These two teens wanted each other and got to have a HOT fuck. They couldn't keep their hands, eyes, or dicks off each other! Very hot!

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  • pje82151 -

    Great scene with the usual exception of poorly-captured cumshots. For the love of God, fire this photographer and hire someone who knows what they're doing. Ideally, the cumshots should be captured from two angles; this studio can afford it.

  • alvarez76 -

    great scene

  • jtennis6 -

    Liked the scene but would liked to have seen Price bottom more. He's born to bottom!

  • jaro1190 -

    Josh Farve is my absolute favourite! I would like to see him in more scenes as the bottom. He seems adventurous and I'd like to see him push himself - like maybe bottom for more than one guy in a scene and maybe even try double penetration!

  • sable14 -

    I love both these guys, that said I would rather see them with big dick studs you have now as some other members already said, not a put down at all. They are super bottoms.

  • kgmets -

    I would like to see Randy Reno fuck Troy Daniel followed by Price and Josh. Keep on fucking that football jock's ass!

  • candolater -

    Can't wait to see the next epic scene of tony remero getting fucked. My wish comes true

  • VmQt5PkQ -

    I love seeing Josh Farve get fucked.

  • Trescomplet -

    I hope that trailer at the end has been edited to crop the models' heads off for some reason, because otherwise that cameraman needs to be shot on sight!

  • kgmets -

    Hot passionate teen aged sex. No dick went unsucked or ass went unfucked. These two teens wanted and got to fuck each other. Very hot!

  • Suusuu -

    Okay please guve us mark next pleaaassseeeee!!!!!

  • pudgely -

    Love these guys! More! More! More!

  • gGr1BNBWne81 -

    price hogan needs to be gangbanged

  • HAIRYFUN38 -

    Price and Josh need to meet Troy Daniel !

  • coolcoolboy -

    Great to see Josh back! And with Price, even better! Both guys are terrific bottoms; so a flip scene is perfect. They'd also make a good 3-way servicing a power top like Derek, London, or Bryce.

  • Jbana78 -

    Why did you guys pair them?!?! They are much better as bottom. Seriously!