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Home Videos You'll Wanna Make Passes at Warren Hoffman with his Glasses

You'll Wanna Make Passes at Warren Hoffman with his Glasses

 | views: 642805 4%

He's kind of a book worm. He likes to work out and this strong, silent type southern gentleman also loves to curl up with a good book. He also likes to play with his hole so we decided to shoot that.


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  • memberUxghIsQsoauDg3HI -

    So hot, until the glasses appeared! Not the right shape for his face. He's too gorgeous to cover up his face with ugly specs. Sad there's not more of him. He is yummy!

  • marcdar2020 -

    Who are the guys in the ad at 22:13 (I've been looking all over the place for that vid)! Anyone know the name of the actor on top?

  • jike2019 -

    Hope he comes back soon to do a sex video.

  • zarkus -

    Outstanding body.....great looking cock......awesome cum shot....and he likes some big up his ass.

  • jake238 -

    Oh, and I love seeing the furry ***/taint closeups in all the different positions! very hot! Can't wait for next week's solo! Very excited for it!

  • jake238 -

    This was hot AF!! As soon as Warren took off his shirt I was like "Daaaang! OK Warren!!" Then when he took off his shorts I was like "Double Dang!" lol ALL of the ass play was sooooo freaking hot! The doggie ass play was my favorite! And the cum shot fountain was incredible! Like a fire hydrant! AWESOME update!!

  • zJ54JaXuwGeG -

    That was a very good scene. Warren is a sexy guy. The viewers need a splash shield for that massive load! I hope he is willing to do M/M scenes; the post glow discussion makes me think he will. I’ll be looking forward to it.

  • kgmets -

    Like Warren's glasses which give him a hot collegiate look. After Warren jerked himself while fingering his own hole, Warren stated that he enjoyed the scene but next time would enjoy something bigger than a finger up his hot ass

  • ingoeid -

    I love hearing dirty words during a solo!!