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Xander Jordan Jerks His Big Dick

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Xander Jordan was smooth as butter. Come hang with this mandime as he shows us everything about him.

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  • ormond99 -

    Tiny cumshot

  • purpleguyfeb -

    Heeelllllooooo! Is anybody reading these comments? When is he going to fuck somebody?

  • Musta0000 -

    Must be some straight dude behind the camera, because he didn't film that ass like a gay dude would have. Boring.

  • purpleguyfeb -

    Could he fuck Derek Jones? Plz..

  • purpleguyfeb -

    Damn!!! Xander is sooo fuckin hot! More please...

  • leanin -

    mmm nice... yasss

  • 87Vqy3wVJxQNt -

    Hot as fuck!