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Home Videos When Hunks Collide - Jeremy Barker Vibes With Micky Mallato

When Hunks Collide - Jeremy Barker Vibes With Micky Mallato

 | views: 682861 2%

Jeremy Barker admits that Micky Mallato is the kind of guy he considers a friend but also wants a piece of his sexy ass! These guys spent plenty of time hanging out together off camera, going to the gym, and enjoying every minute of it! Enough chilling like friends for now you two... Micky is ready to test Jeremy's hole next!

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  • piercing214 -

    Can never get enough of Jeremy bottoming--especially spreadeagle across a bed, with a serious top who means business, & has great chemistry with Jeremy, fully mounted over top of him & pounding away! Jeremy's tongue piercing needs to be played up/displayed more. Jeremy's "swallowing a dozen raw eggs in one gulp" "disappearing act" (true story) lends itself to his world-class deep-throating s***s--to the base & beyond! Full-on incredible performer!

  • memberNHn6bh98JubJre2K -

    Hard to wait for this scene- Love Barker so much. Micki is new but I like so far what I have seen.