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Home Videos Two Rising Stars Randy Reno And Jayden Marcos Fuck

Two Rising Stars Randy Reno And Jayden Marcos Fuck

 | views: 740947 2%

How do you capture real passion? Don't pick the guys, let them choose who they wanna fuck. Simple as that. Randy Reno & Jayden Marcos started this one off with a game of "who's the best kisser". In the blink of an eye, they undoubtedly chose each other. Jayden had been eye fucking Randy since their 1st trip out here together. After all, its not hard to notice a sexy stud like Randy with all that hair! That natural chemistry and passion carried over when our cameras were rolling and these two all-American studs got lost in each other and forgot we were even there.

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  • RUPERT770 -

    Great intro with all 6 guys very sexy. But glad you decided to film Jayden and Randy Both super sexy Great hot video Hmmm

  • KZPg6jDjeKNy -

    Love Randy! He is the hottest ever!

  • kgmets -

    I nominate 18 year old blond hair blue eyes college football player Troy Daniel to be Randy's next bottom scene partner. That pairing would be very hot.

  • fratboylover69 -

    Wow am I the only one who found that boring? straight guys cannot fake good sex between each other,at least in a solo they like what there doing!!

  • kgmets -

    Randy bags Jayden's virgin ass popping his anal cherry. Very hot. At the end Jayden expressed interest in fucking Randy's virgin ass. That would be hot as well.

  • jameswg -

    Hot! Can’t wait to see Randy bottom

  • wfDM4UNup29Y -

    I love that opening to this video. I love that game and how they matched up . I suspect that it will make their videos together HOT.and guess what it did in this video.

  • Kyboyz1993 -

    Oh God, so hot! I hope Randy bottoms in the future, I'd have a heart attack from my dreams coming true 😍😍😍

  • sable14 -

    scene so hot-really loved both of them-Jayden seemed to love taking that cock, very good matchup, want to see more from both. Beckett & Jayden come to my mind. Thanks

  • pudgely -

    They were adorable. Did I Just witness a true love-match? If it was Jayden's first-time bottoming experience, he must have been anticipating it for a long time.

  • Jbana78 -

    So hotttt... I think Randy should take Jayden’s cock too. He needs to bottom too. ☺️😊🍆

  • sable14 -

    love both guys, glad to see this scene with them. and more from both of them.

  • OfficialLaEl -

    Hey Peggy. It's currently how the system is set up. Logged in you're trying to see full video with same URL. will be fixed with re-design. Log out to see preview for now. Sorry & Ty

  • Jbana78 -

    I can’t wait to watch this film. I love Jayden now!

  • peggy13 -

    Just want to note how strange it is that you let non-members see the previews, but members can't see them.