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Two HOT Blondes: Sean Holmes FUCKS Jimmy Coble

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Sean Holmes is back to spread Jimmy Coble's ass for the 2nd time ever! Sean Holmes got to sucking then rimming Jimmy's tight booty before sticking his long pole in. Jimmy Coble took that cock like a champ enjoying every minute of being penetrated. Sean Holmes busted his signature body shivering cum-shot all over Jimmy to show his appreciation.

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  • BillyJack -

    hot Jimmy is a perfect 10, will he ever be on again?

  • Jbana78 -

    Where is Jimmy?!?! Bring him back please... he is so cute and put him in a threesome!

  • kgmets -

    Looks like 20 year old Jimmy did his solo and two bottoming scenes on his 2017 college Summer break. Bring Jimmy back over the holiday break to help him with his college finances and fuck that hot twink ass some more.

  • bman99 -

    Would love to see Sean and Peyton...hot bromance (hope this does not embarrass Peyton...true compliment intended)

  • coolcoolboy -

    Sean Holmes is physical perfection and a fantastic top who kisses and fucks with passion.

  • sean0915 -

    Please more Jimmy and more Sean.

  • sean0915 -

    Thank you Sean and Jimmy for a great scene. Jimmy is a tough man to take Derek and Sean in his beautiful ass. He is a real man. Sean was a solid top that knew how and when to drill hot Jimmy. If I may, let me put in a request for some cum eating.

  • accord55 -

    love the intense kissing great chemistry both were hard while having sex hot scene

  • pudgy37 -

    Lucky Jimmy taking Sean's big cock. Wish it were me! Jimmy's a sweetie too!

  • Lexi55 -

    When is the scene with Sean and Derek coming out? You posted a pic of sean fucking Derek in June

  • dinodino17 -

    Would like to see more of Jimmy Coble!