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Tommy Dovas BMX Cum Video

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Off Roading stuntman Tommy Dovas is a total heartthrob. Killer body & smile with a great attitude! One of the easiest models to ever work with.

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  • memberUxghIsQsoauDg3HI -

    Everybody scream, "Biker Butt!" Hooray Hoopla! :)

  • makspeed -

    Perfect right down to the soles of his sexy feet.

  • zeppers -

    Gret model. My favorite "type" Slender, yet muscular and beautifully toned. That second cumshot was spectacular. I agree with Pudge about the third; he was a bit too much out of the frame, but still great to see One of your best. And, oh yeah, love the new logo.

  • pudge37 -

    Best solo vid so far. Love every inch of his perfect body. Love the beautiful HD photography, nicely edited. The second selfie cum shot not framed properly but very satisfying nevertheless (3 cum shots! Wow!) Love the new logo as well. Good job!

  • everettwebsurfer -

    Sweet baby. Can't wait to see him do a show in chat. Yummy