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Home Videos Thomas Rosewood Takes Franco Styles Breath Away And Fills All His Holes

Thomas Rosewood Takes Franco Styles Breath Away And Fills All His Holes

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When putting a big dick up your ass, remember one VERY important and simple rule... BREATHE! That's all Franco Styles had to do and once he accepted "Moose's" big cock it was ALL pleasure from there... and the face doesn't lie Franco! He's smiling and moaning the whole time Thomas filled him up with his long, thick dick. On another note, Thomas was rimming Franco so good that it made him cum! That's some serious skills Thomas!

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  • Kayaker6 -

    Thomas Rosewood is hot as fuck! Love to see him return soon in some flip fuck action taking it doggy style!

  • reb1148 -

    Natural sex between to partners both deeply into it. Thomas is the man!

  • Maringuy58 -

    Loved loved loved this scene. Great chemistry and a dude sucking an other dudes big hard cock by reaching and pulling it between the legs during a pause in eating his ass is just HAF. Great job Franco, Thomas and crew.

  • tatman22 -

    Ass of death*

  • tatman22 -

    Hot pairing and Thomas should definitely bottom with that add of death. Franco would you indulge us and grow your pubs back for a scene?

  • nova48 -

    I am Totally Team Franco here. Thomas alittle timid for Franco, maybe nerves . I agree with Mikeylikey26.

  • Mikeylikey26 -

    Franco has major bottom talent. But let's see Thomas bottom for either jaxon or Jeremy and you have a recipe for a one awesome scene.

  • BailyAdam -

    Franco is a bottom it’s what he’s good at I love it