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Teen Jock Josh Farve Jerks Off

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Whoa... Check out Josh Farve! This athletic, teen jock is as handsome as can be and has an incredible personality to boot! An intelligent, young man with high aspirations. At only 18 years old, he is wise and mature beyond his years. Enjoy hanging out and getting to know this future superstar stud! We will be seeing a lot more of you soon, Josh... Can't wait!

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  • aPwLyn3en6 -


  • jaro1190 -

    If Josh Farve were in every (even more) scene(s), I would invest in the company!! He's just that good.

  • jaro1190 -

    Positivevibes needs to live up to his name, sadly. That comment was just tasteless and, frankly, mean. Josh Farve is the best thing about GH in my opinion and it's why I finally sprung for a subscription, hoping that he'd be in a mystery scene.

  • positivevibes -

    I dont see the popularity that has become of Josh. He is not even handsome and looks like he has down syndrome.

  • Maringuy55 -

    I want Josh to be my roommate. He is such a bright light, so funny and upbeat and extremely appealing So Josh I have to tell you your a very handsome STUD as well as being HUNKILICIOUS. Im very horny from watching you and i can't wait for more!!

  • bethel1973 -

    Love his smile - so sexy.

  • pudgely -

    Mmmm! I could eat him up. Looking forward to further adventures.

  • G7zwcYNXNS3g -

    He’s amazing

  • bethel1973 -

    Awesome model. Nice body - NOT and SEXY. Intelligent and goal oriented. Great video. Thanks.