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Home Videos Tattooed Guy Ty Carter

Tattooed Guy Ty Carter

 | views: 1329751 8%

He sees about "50-100 dicks per week." Because he works in sexual health and he helps guys get boners (try out Too Hard if you want to try that yourself). He says he loves his own big dick. So do we.


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  • memberUxghIsQsoauDg3HI -

    Hot! Not a fan of the ear/nose rings, but he is sexy, furry, and that full, plump sac got my heart pumping just from the pics.

  • hot4u69 -

    This is a must see video. The guy is just the right amount of hairy. He has a nice dick and big nuts. When he humps the bed, you see his nuts from behind. I almost had a heart attack because I couldn’t believe it actually made it to the final cut. But that’s what gay me want a good ass shot. The only down side was the boring PG-13 shower scene. You get a hot guy with a big dick and put him on a porn site and then make him shower in his underwear. Someone please connect those dots for me. If for some odd reason you need a wet underwear shot, then have the model remove them while their in the shower. Someone wasted too much money on expensive jockstraps

  • RUPERT770 -

    Its good to have a guy like Ty who has a natural affinity of being relaxed in front of the camera He has super body attraction and potential to go far Lets see more of him very soon please hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • fratboylover69 -

    Ty is very handsome and had a nice money shot,but can't you coach these new guys to put on a little show,I know you like the amateur look here but as a paying subscriber I expect more from you

  • jake238 -

    He's very cute and I'm totally digging the beard! :-) More than anything, I'm mesmerized by the lower half of his body! HUGE tool and a fat sack! I just love a man with hairy t***s and a fuzzy booty! Would be hot if he grew his booty out. His hairy *** is such a turn-on to me! Great butt! Awesome pits too! GREAT SOLO! :-) P.S. my favorite part was the bed humping! LOVE that hairy booty! <3