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Superstar James Manziel Fucks Hairy Bear Ryan Judd

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Superstar James Manziel fucks hairy bear Ryan Judd over and over. It's so hot to see a big burly bear cub guy like Ryan getting plowed by a much different body type. Ryan is such a good boy.

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  • memberUxghIsQsoauDg3HI -

    Jimmy James gettin' some blond goodies!

  • jarko23 -

    This was a great pairing! And , yes, we need more Ryan!! Like I commented on the Bryce and Travis video, please try and avoid the glare with the lighting that when filming the scenes!!

  • ohio73 -

    These two studs look great together. I enjoyed the scene very much. Thanks James and Ryan.😋

  • kgmets -

    The hot ass of James is so hot taking cock that everyone wants to see him bottom. But he is vers and needs to top sometimes or else be type cast a bottom.

  • G7zwcYNXNS3g -

    Thank you for putting the scene and the interview together

  • jimmharlo -

    Please hold all call for the next 20m 03s - i'll be with James

  • keico11 -

    Where is Peter Grom and James Manziel? PLEASE!

  • ohio73 -

    These two look so cute together,

  • moley431 -

    More of Ryan please!

  • tallguy804 -

    So Happy to have a new scene with Ryan! That man is super hot!

  • peggy13 -

    Gotta agree that it makes little sense for you all to keep using James as a top. Only a straight guy could look at James' ass and say let's cast him as a top in our next scene.

  • pb94301 -

    Any time James Manziel is in a scene and not bottoming, an angel loses its wings. What a waste!