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Home Videos SUPERB Solo From Blonde Hunk Gunnar Bishop!

SUPERB Solo From Blonde Hunk Gunnar Bishop!

 | views: 554769 10%

Gunnar Bishop is here to steal hearts and crush dreams. Don't look into his sultry blue eyes too long, you'll turn to stone!

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  • goblingobbler12 -

    Hot blonde muscle jock jerks his perfect dick.. let's see the juicy booty on this hottie!

  • t0uchmywenis9 -

    Look at that sexy hanging nutsuck, I want him to smack me across the face with those balls

  • zingzagzanger -

    Tatted, built, oiled up stud with a long cock.. dreamy as fuck

  • FootMan16 -

    Sexy guy.. bet he's got hot toes too.. let's see the feet from this guy. U need to start incorporating foot jobs in

  • ZachUSA -

    That cock looks amazing...hope he breeds another man soon

  • IcarusRising -

    I will be the third comment to agree with the first two: getting behind the guy is kind of the whole point of solo male content, and the camera guys really should know that by now. I post the same thing on HGF, but at least over there I'm sure there are straight guys watching for the guy/girl balance, so I get it. For a solo male shoot, we really need to get those close ups of behind/underneath the male body, guys!

  • newmem1 -

    I'm going to echo the confusion of Hot. The only thing I can assume is that perhaps these videos are shot by different people/ directors? If so I'd ask that you list the director on each video as well so that we know whose content to avoid watching. It's malpractice to purport to be a site providing content for a gay audience and routinely fail to shoot the ass of these guys. We'd really like an explanation.

  • Hot4U1969 -

    First of all , the guy is really cute. He has a nice body, nice dick and sexy big low hanging nuts. He needs to do more videos. What i don't understand is why this cameraman has a problem with getting behind the guys when they are humping the bed. You are shooting a video for GAYHOOPLA . We as gay men love to see ass, cock and balls. The formula isn't that hard. He has perfect nuts and the best angle is from behind when he is dry humping. Signed confused