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Home Videos Super Tight Alpha Gio Givanni Lets Mick Rocket Dominate Him

Super Tight Alpha Gio Givanni Lets Mick Rocket Dominate Him

 | views: 273026 3%

Mick Rocket And Gio Givanni came through today to switch things up a bit! Gio's typically an alpha type, not the type of guy to normally be dominated! Mick must have put a spell on our man because he seems happy to bend over and submit himself to every inch of Mick's Rocket!

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  • gregluvscock -


  • norisk_noreward01 -

    wouldve loved to see gio dom mick but still a hot scene

  • cokebottle_cock -

    love how gio smiles when he bottoms

  • livelaughporn -

    69 🔥

  • pp2667 -

    Ummm a facial would’ve added some interest to this scene otherwise zzzzz.

  • Lawdav08 -

    Gio really is so awkward to me, he doesn’t have any sex appeal besides having a nice sized cock…. Not a fan

  • alopez7 -

    Gio is excellent as bottom, we need more of that.

  • memberSccc7ytK8TkOCnRG -

    Fit although, at what point does he "dominate" him. Gio seems pretty in charge the whole time ha