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Home Videos Slate Powers Submits To "Super Thick" Gio Givanni!

Slate Powers Submits To "Super Thick" Gio Givanni!

 | views: 575047 2%

Gio and Slate made it clear to us already that they've been checking each other out. Once the scene starts, Gio starts things off with a good blowjob before flipping Slate over and getting into that tight, perfect ass of his. He gives it plenty of tongue and even slides a finger in to get things warmed up. Slate takes control after a while to help his top get hard and ready to fuck. He submits his beautiful face and gorgeous blue eyes to Gio, letting him fuck his mouth any way he wants! Slate leaves no hole untouched and treats Gio to some ass play before priming his cock again to stretch his ass! Gio takes it slow at first since Slate's hole is SO tight! As things move along, Gio starts picking up the pace and giving Slate every inch down to the balls! These two hunks keep picking up the pace until Slate's down taking a facial from Gio! At the end, Slate sounds satisfied with Gio's "Super Thick" dick. Judging by the smile on his face, Gio's feeling good too!

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  • memberl5vciTd0tsTC7BFs -

    These two look great together; Gio's creamy load was nicely captured. Slate? Why does such a young guy shoot so little? Typically, Russians are big cummers. Oh well...

  • hawt_dogs_R_us -

    i want to slurp on gio's cock

  • doyouevenfuckbro -

    great pair for sure!

  • the_creampier -

    wish one of the cum shots was a creampie.. other than that.. A+

  • listentomamaxxx -

    sexy duo

  • pp2667 -

    Mutual facials would’ve been nice

  • pp2667 -

    Mutual facials would’ve been nice

  • IcarusRising -

    I said this last time, but: I love Slate as a bottom

  • harlanny -

    Gio is a star! Can't see enough of him, can you pair him with the other power top Jeremy Barker, want to see them out alpha each other.