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Slate Powers Shows Off His Third Leg!

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Slate Powers is proof that giant packages can come attached to short guys... That's how it goes, right? Anyways, Slate's stoked to be on set today. He's been waiting for a chance to whip out that giant cock of his and show it off to the cameras! After a short intro, Slate gets to hitting the perfect long strokes and flexing his abs as his breathing gets more intense! You may not have noticed, but Slate stored a little bag of goodies in the corner. Once he can't wait anymore, Slate brings out the toys and starts warming up that hole for us! He keeps stroking that big cock as he gets it in, deeper and deeper. Our hot young stud finally decides he can't take it any longer and drains himself on his knees! We had no doubt this horny guy would go for a taste and he didn't disappoint!

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  • IcarusRising -

    Damn this guy is packing

  • harlanny -

    what a great surprise! Little hugely hung muscle stud!

  • memberCH9OccOTxlUyfyoo -

    This dude is incredible! He is so cocky and totally backs it up. Amazing body and huge cock!

  • memberMisth8rebqoaAfVx -

    Welcome Slate! Super interesting addition to GH. Love his cocky confidence while being mellow and sexy. Knows his body and likes to show it off. Just may need to take it down a notch, but he's awesome. Legs are amazing.