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Sebastian Hook FUCKS Tyler Hanson

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Before the sunrise, before Sebastian Hook even woke, Tyler Hanson was all horned up. Everyone knows the best way to get up is with your cock in someone's mouth. This is what Tyler wanted to do for Sebastian. Sebastian had no idea where he was when he first opened his eyes, but he knew he was feeling really good. As Tyler was sucking the chrome off Sebastian's pipe, he wanted to face-fuck Sebastian next. Tyler straddled Sebastian while pulling down his underwear. He grabbed Sebastian by the head and fed him cock. Sebastian started to grab his ass as he puffed on Tyler's cigar. Sebastian got fucked real good by Zane Penn last week and wanted to top Tyler for his first dominating scene. After all energized and awake, Sebastian slipped his big cock into Tyler's box. Oh he fucking drilled him. Sebastian is the GayHoopla superstar ending 2014 with his unique skill set. I honestly couldn't tell you who enjoyed this more. This is a super hot scene that will have your sperm banks empty before completion. My favorite part of it all would be the ending when Sebastian headed straight for his bed to retire. Sluts!

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  • kgmets -

    Always nice to watch a hot little bottom like Sebastian turn the tables and top.

  • popperdude05 -

    "straight" guys kiss like that. LOL

  • kapukane -

    Why no tongue when kissing??? That was strange...who kisses like that? Otherwise love those guys.

  • HotJock69 -

    This was so hot and erotic.The cum shot by Tyler on Sebastian's chest while he slept was awesome---nice twist and different.

  • CoachCal -

    Great Video 10/10!!!

  • groxtox114 -

    More Sebastian! Tyler needs to improve his acting s***s.

  • alanning -

    Hot scene, but something really needs to be done about that tight lipped kissing! we need to see some tongue!

  • Loopster -

    This was actually really good! I'm impressed! :)

  • jeffrey6969 -

    wish more of sebastians ass could have been seen during bed fucking.

  • Rancher -

    The world needs more people like Tyler! He is such a fun slut.

  • usair427 -

    Watching Sebastian's bubble ass move back and forth thursting just makes me wanna see him get pile driven by a hung aggressive top Raw! And yeah, before he's fucked his perfect ass and smooth hole are rimmed eaten and devoured! Bring it on!!

  • pudge37 -

    We're getting there! Some solid fucking. Not sure whether Tyler was reacting or acting (or a combination of the two) but it was a lot of fun watching Sebastian drilling him. Love to see some actual animation by the guy getting fucked, unlike 3 models I've commented on who just lie there like zombies. Again, too much variation on the lighting from shot to shot. The lamp in the left foreground of an early shot messed up the lighting. And the second view of Sebastian's cum shot was too dark. That said, I like that we're now getting two views of the cum shots, as well as the use of two cameras overall (oh, and no cameramen making unintended cameo appearances in this one!). Photography and editing very good in this one. I would have preferred a flip fuck instead of Tyler cumming on the "sleeping" Sebastian, but a (modified) cheer for attempting something not by-the-numbers.

  • HotJock69 -

    This is going to be one hot video. Sebastian is really hot.

  • krazykid -

    looks like this couple be GH's best vid to date. keep it up boys! tyler is a musclestar

  • Shizzle25 -

    Tyler looks sooo hot getting nailed, cant wait to see the actual video. Hopefully his next video he will be in the middle of two guys getting spitroasted. Super hot preview!

  • treeesq3660 -

    Really prefer to see Sebastian's perfect ass getting fucked. And as others have said, why are we still waiting to see Sebastian's ass get properly rimmed??


    can' wait !!!!

  • usair427 -

    And please add eating and rimming Sebastian's amazing ass as part of future scenes.

  • usair427 -

    Sebastian is going to be rookie of the year. Get that hot perfect ass fucked Sebastian !!!


    can't wait sebastian is incredible

  • pudge37 -

    Looks like a stellar coupling! Two guys that really like what they're doing!