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Home Videos Sean Costin BOTTOMS for Sebastian Hook

Sean Costin BOTTOMS for Sebastian Hook

 | views: 745842 3%

Grindr, a new social media app to hook up, linked Sebastian Hook & Sean Costin together. Sean Costin & Sebastian Hook were swiping away looking for a hottie to hang out with. They both liked each others profiles and agreed to meet at the park for a work out. After hitting it off at the park, they went back to Sean's place that was around the park. Sean really wanted to bottom for Sebastian. It was sort of a David and Goliath idea he's been flirting with in his head for awhile. Sebastian took the opportunity to fuck the biggest ass he's ever encountered in his hottest encounter to date. Watch Sebastian's cock get swallowed up in Sean's muscle butt from the heavens above.

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  • kgmets -

    Hot to watch the smaller guy fucking the bigger guy!

  • mQm6v9zSpr -

    Sean is beautiful!!! Both guys look awesome in and out of clothes!

  • rdynyc -

    So, Sean Costin's beautiful, succulent ass is in the air in the beginning and Sebastian isn't going to eat that?? You've got to be ***ding me!! My mouth was watering. Your videos need less sex and MORE nasty!

  • sactofosho -

    This is the video that got me to pay for a subscription. Words cannot express how hot this is and how many times I've gotten off on it. More Sean Costin and Sebastian Hook would be amazing!!!!!!!

  • GAZZAQ -

    Sean is hot and needs to fucked properly his arse is amazing big and bouncy. Sebastian although fit is not the man for the job sadly. Ok effort.

  • Rayner -

    I agree with Pingguo. Derek and Sean getting plowed side by side by to aggressive tops would be amazing. Head to head doggie stake getting fucked while they make out is cum worthy. I also like missionary with their legs spread wide getting nailed like bitches

  • pingguo -

    It's incredible to see Sean Costin's muscle ass being pressed, fucked and jiggled like that. And to see such a muscular man enjoying being fucked so much is always amazing. It would be better to have a stronger top though. Sean seems a little unsatisfied and Sebastian seems to be struggling a little to keep up. The result is stop-start instead of smooth sailing -- a stronger top would make for more sustained, controlled footage. Even better would be to see two muscle guys with bubble butts -- say, Derek Jones and Sean Costin -- fucked doggie style side by side by two equally muscular studs. Those butts jiggling and slapping... that would be super-hot!

  • Rayner -

    Although I love seeing Sean IN ANYTHING, I love most when he bottoms. Something about seeing a powerful, masculine, athletic man taking dick like a bitch and really enjoying it. He has such a presence and to see a smaller man taking him down is by far the hottest thing ever. This is the best video yet

  • parker -

    Both Sean and Sebastian are excellent performers in this video and both very beautiful guys. Sean is a very powerful muscular young gentleman and for me I would much prefer to see him in videos where his muscular power is showcased in positions of power, not in positions of submission. Sean is totally muscular, totally powerful, totally hot and totally masculine- use all his natural gifts to his and this site's advantage!

  • drdarian -

    I have to agree with everyone. This was a damn good hardcore scene but the kissing was off yet again. I need to see passionate making out in my porn, up close, with plenty of tongue. Tongue is key. That will make it more real for me.

  • pudge37 -

    Can't find much fault with this one. Some great fucking with two hotties. Excellent photography. I would have liked a little affection, perhaps some kissing, at the end instead of "OK we're done", but definitely some 5-star fucking.

  • Alann6 -

    Great scene! However, I would have liked to see a lot more kissing and some cum eating at the end would have been a super ending!

  • mes323 -

    I like Feet worship

  • Shizzle25 -

    I am so looking forward to this update. Absolutely LOVE seeing Sean's amazing ass getting fucked. Any version of Sean bottoming is a great idea in my book. Great work!!

  • pudge37 -

    In reference to griffrag's comment, I would like to see more frequent updates too, but only if individual attention is paid to each one and not ground out in cookie-cutter sameness, as some other sites do. Try to make each one a gem instead of same old same old.

  • pudge37 -

    The way Sebastian pounds Sean's beautiful bubble butt, it looks like he is a powerful top as well as a power bottom. Looking forward to this one!

  • griffrag13626 -

    would have been better if it was a flip flop otherwise very hot, can hardly wait, would love to see this website post video like this every 3 to 4 days.

  • MuscleGER -

    Cant wait for the complete video. This two guys are totaly hot

  • parker -

    I like any scene with Sean in it, that's for sure! Sebastian is also a very beautiful guy.

  • peternld -

    Wow this looks fantastic. Both models are very HOT.

  • odinnot -

    wow hot seeing sean doing a full bottom scene.i cant happy it not a flip/flop to bad i cant download this trailer i love seeing sean getting fuck

  • treeesq3660 -

    Really wish this had been a flip-flop. How can you have Sebastian's very fine ass in front of a camera and not have it get fucked. It also looks like this scene includes toe sucking but no rimming. If that turns out to be true when the full length scene is released, I think the director who made that decision really has some explaining to do.