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Home Videos Sean Costin and Derek Jones FUCK!!

Sean Costin and Derek Jones FUCK!!

 | views: 753503 3%

Derek Jones & Sean Costin instantly hit it off. They we're around the same age, height, had the same taste in clothes, music, everything! These guy since the shoot, actually speak everyday. We were able to capture some of their first interactions throughout their originally shoots and it's every bit of the word CHEMISTRY. This is 100% , no doubt about it, our best scene yet. Watch Dirty Derek Jones run his filthy mouth as he smashes out Sean's monster muscle ass.


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  • odinnot -

    hot scene

  • pb94301 -

    Sean is perfection. He is the reason I pay for this site. Pairing with Derek is beautiful. Next time, Derek on bottom for Sean!

  • parker -

    Sean and Derek are two perfect guys who have given their all to this scene. This is one of the most beautiful scenes ever. I joined this site because of Sean and I will definitely look forward to his live shows.

  • christop -

    it really just won't play.... iPad.. very frustrating

  • tnashus1 -

    This one forced me to go ahead w/ a subscription. Had to see the full vid of Sean getting pounded by Derek Jones; he actually was drilled (clearly not simulated), in the preferred position, w/ Sean on his stomach, back arched, Derek fully mounted & banging away--yet, torturously, only a very few seconds showed direct-on penetration, & NOT the very best, properly lit part of it. Lamely had the models facing away from the bed's headboard, rather than toward it for easier & better filming. MAJOR potential, MAJOR fail overall, given the horrible tease. The studio could redeem themselves for this...

  • jeff724212 -

    It's now playing fine on my iPhone. Great video and thanks for your work and getting It fixed!

  • sleeper -

    Mine too. Is there something I should do on an iPad to get it to play?

  • jeff724212 -

    Still trying to play this video on iPhone 4s. It just buffers but never plays. This has never happened with any other video on the site. My wifi/internet is the fastest available

  • pingguo -

    Incredible. Black or mixed-race guys often have the best bodies in gay porn -- and "Sean Costin" is right up there with Sarge and Eddie Diaz. Just beautiful. It would be even better if he was a more active bottom like those other two -- it would be great to see him energetically riding cock. But this is a scene for the ages.

  • hot4u69 -

    Dmitry.. .its like ***ht and day. The video plays so much better now. It doesn't freeze or load slowly.. This is a great video. A must see. One of the best.

  • DmitryDickov -

    @hot4u69 and all --- I've re-encoded the file again, this time with a much smaller buffer. Please let me know how it streams and what you're trying to stream it on (if it's different from what you said you're using earlier in the comments).

  • hot4u69 -

    i've tried watching it a few times. It does freeze or it spins because it is buffering and it seems to take forever. I'm using a mac. I don't use safari on here. I use chrome or Opera. What I wish it would do, is let me pause it but the file would still continue to buffer so that when i start it again, i wouldn't have the buffering immediately. After i got through the video, it was a pretty good video. I didn't care for the workout part of the video. The workout part was boring. They didn't talk, nor was there any music playing. I liked how long the sex was. Probably the longest sex we've seen where one person bottomed the whole time. I would have loved to have seen more of seans ass. Sean's ass is a work of art. Derek seemed to be into it right from the beginning. The kissing needed to slowwww down. All in all, even with the problems watching it, I give it a 10. Seans ass and the long sex scene is what made it for me.

  • kapukane -

    Kissing involves tongue...where was the tongue? Strange. Foreplay was rushed.

  • aruggiero -

    I finally got it to play but it doesn't seem to let me fast forward. I seem to have that problem with different videos from this site. Other sites don't give me that same problem. I even tried the download feature with this video and it doesn't appear to solve the problem. I'm using an iPad for this and ther sites. This is the only one that gets he's me a problem.

  • LaEl -

    Jonathan - please let us know what device. Thanks

  • Jonathan -

    Video not operating properly!! Sorry

  • hawk1955 -

    Wow for a gay for pay site, that was pretty hot sex. Deep down in their souls and in a weak moment these guys actually might admit to enjoying EACH other and the sex. The verbal was good but a little trite and put on, but overall I Iiked it. They are two very hot MEN. The site and these scenes continue to improve, sometimes you have to remind yourself it is all gay for pay, but you are doing a reasonable job at masking that. I actually cant wait each week now to see the preview of next week's fuck scene. Unlike some of your more notable and long standing competitors, at least you are bringing us fresh hot talent regularly having quite reasonable sex that seems to be more passionate and genuine with each passing episode. Even though it is gay for pay it is more and more erotic. Thank you

  • DmitryDickov -

    I've put up a re-encoded file for mobile users. If it still does NOT work, or even if it DOES work, please let us know here or email or twitter. The new file is encoded for Apple's standards for "iPad (all versions), Apple TV 2 and later, and iPhone 4 and later". (The first file was encoded as a generic MP4.) If you're on iOS Safari, please clear the cache using the Settings gear on the home screen of your iOS device. If you can get the video to play but it pauses/buffers or there's a "timeout error", then it's probably a connection/network issue and not how the video is encoded. The files we've served for streaming have been only the HD-quality file (2mbps to 3mbps as opposed to 800kbps for lower quality). It can be more of an issue on Android since it relies on an old streaming standard when android dumped Flash w/out supporting HTML5 video. I'm switching over to a system that'll serve additional lower-quality streams for mobile/slower connections, but I need to get the settings right for HD first. If there's any errors still, or if it works, please let me know. I need to get this right before going through 820+ videos.

  • nobi2be -

    Write a Comment...

  • nobi2be -

    LaEI man stilll this video is not workin ....tried my iphone it works for a few 5minutes then stopped ...

  • LaEl -

    Please test now on your device that wasn't working. Thanks

  • pariscovah1997 -

    Why isnt this video playing like really come on gayhoopla pls fix it thanks

  • nobi2be -

    Im using ipad ...

  • jeff724212 -

    I cannot play this either. Tried yesterday and today on my iPhone . All other videos on the site play fine.

  • LaEl -

    hotbutt7, aruggiero , nobi2be. Please email [email protected] | Please let us know what device you're using. Mac, PC, iPad, Android etc.

  • key2me -

    it was a fun video to watch... but these guys are afraid to french kiss... the best kissers on this site, in order, are... Dmitry,Sean, Phillip,Jaden, Cole,Jeff,Jarod,Zach,Tyler and then Sebastian...

  • hotbutt7 -

    Can't play it, error loading media.

  • aruggiero -

    Can't open and play file...what's going on..

  • nobi2be -

    Cannot open the file... Why wtf...

  • asmcghee -

    Loved seeing Sean get fucked... but with an ass like that, its a shame that we don't really get to see it. Derek smacked it for 5 minutes, but no shots of him spreading it... no shots of ass eating... no hole shots period. I want to see his hole spread open doggy... wide open with his legs in the air... tongues licking it... I mean, I want to see all up inside Sean Costin in EVERY scene he is in... lol You guys should work on that in future scenes... that booty is a thing of beauty and deserves to be featured... lol #IJS

  • odinnot -

    the scene is very hot.but i did not like camera angle 20:46 to 21:52. when derek tell sean to push back on his cock.you should of move the cam up so we can see sean pushing back on cock but you just show face & the ass on the side.but for the rest i love the scene 20:46 to 21:52.

  • odinnot -

    that great seeing derek & sean in room before they go out,hangout & workout together. nice interview,ask sean if he play with toys or had a cock in his ass.also asking derek how it was fucking that ass. i love the dirty talk,that got me extra horny & the moan very hot. 2 hot body & bubble butt.i like the way derek touch,slap & kiss sean ass.too bad he did not rim sean ass

  • pudge37 -

    After all that ballyhoo I was so afraid I'd be disappointed. No problem. That was the real deal. Two beautiful men enjoying each other. So glad you got rid of that bogus Uber intro. That was so amateur ***ht that the actual hot fucking would have taken a while to recover from it. Great job, great photography & editing. But, more importantly, two hot guys kissing, sucking and fucking and obviously enjoying just being with each other. Thank you thank you thank you!

  • cmcnichol -

    Good scene but Derek's dirty talking gets really annoying about 2 minutes into the sex, so consider turning the volume down a bit!

  • Rancher -

    Hot! I got my nut, long before the end of the video!

  • coolcoolboy -

    A much better preview than the promo video. Looking forward to the full scene. Thanks!

  • jeffrey6969 -

    now that's how to film a tops ass! looks awesome!