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Sean Costin And Cole Money Early Morning Flip Flop FUCK

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Super horny & couldn't rest, Cole Money snuck out of bed with Max Summerfield to see what was in the refrigerator. While walking towards the kitchen, he brisked passed Sean Costin naked and hard horny himself in bed. Cole decided to weasel his way into Sean's room and make a play at him. Sean already stiff as a board, let Cole wrap his lips right around his curved throbbing cock. After some polishing, Cole wanted a taste of Sean's muscle ass. He got Sean's tight hole soaking wet ready to get filled with some Italian sausage. Sean never had anything in his ass as big as Cole and was at first in a lot of pain. He later enjoy the slow thrusting enough to ask Cole to speed that monster cock up. This got Sean even harder and hornier insisting Cole now spread his hairy ass wide open. After spitting right into Cole's ass to lubricate it, Sean was off to the races. He pounded out Cole until both of these studs blew big loads. SUPER HOT SCENE.

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  • LaEL -

    Thank you for comments & TIME STAMPS you liked!

  • pudge37 -

    No complaints! Just the way I like it. Both guys got into it whole-hog. I particularly liked the view of Sean's beautiful ass as he plowed Cole's willing ass. But bravo to both guys. Let's have more of same. I think you at last have got it! 5 stars!

  • odinnot -

    awesome view of cole cock going into sean bubble ass was hot at 07:50. i enjoy seeing get fuck doggystyle,all of the view.but i wish you show view 18:35 to 18:51. i enjoy see cole get fucked doggy style. hot view 21:06 to 23:25 hot view sean ass,while his cock is going in & out cole ass

  • odinnot -

    i did not like the way it cuts from blowjob to rimjob,i would of like seeing sean get his ass in the air,but the rim was hot,cole is rim sean ass & making it wet,i love the view of sean nice pink hole.i love cole fingering sean ass,also the ass slaping while finger the ass. the whole assrim,fingers & view of hole & big booty.that was awesome.

  • barkley -

    Loving the work you have captured on Sean (Not a bad scene yet). Cole is also a great performer who tends to go out there.

  • LaEL -

    Good to hear from you Robman, it's been awhile :) Appreciate the comment, Just had a great filming weekend I think you'll really enjoy.

  • robman -

    Max what and who? He's dull. THIS one was really fun...though I'm prejudiced from having been a fan of Mr Cole since the HE-WHO-MUST-NOT-BE-NAMED-SITE. (And I think being one of your first members... LaEl-Landon-Whomever: I still miss your cum-on-the-stickynotes shows.... Recapture that honesty with your ***s) I hope your models enjoyed this. I mean, why bother if they're in it for the money? But they appeared to at least have fun. Which is a nice break from all the way-too-inexperienced-and-without-a-fucker-mentor fellas we've been seeing lately. Gay for Pay sex really has to focus on the GAY FOR part. Keep up the good work. Love, Robman.

  • tommytum -

    I hope this means we are seeing a new hardcore Max Summerfield video

  • Rancher -

    There was nothing forced in this video. They both enjoyed it.

  • odinnot -

    trailer review.hot storyline,i love seeing cole rim sean ass & sean get his sweet hole get rim.also enjoy seeing sean hole,damn i love the ass fingering & i enjoy see sean big ass also.get view of cole big cock going into see big booty 01:08 to 01:19 & sean doing foreplay then fuck cole ass doggy get views 01:19 to 01:30 i love view of sean fucked hole,while he is fucking cole 01:39,hot view at 01:55

  • pudge37 -

    Good to see Sean topping! And Cole thoroughly enjoying it! Now we're talking!