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Home Videos Scotty Fungo and the Steamy Shower Solo!

Scotty Fungo and the Steamy Shower Solo!

 | views: 760507 5%

There's nothing more natural for a man than rubbing one out in a nice steamy shower! Scotty Fungo's back from the gym, feeling sweaty and pumped after a big workout. After undressing, Scotty gets the shower running, feeling the water as it warms up, waiting for the perfect temperature as he starts fantasizing. As he gets in the shower, his cock starts growing from the thought of his gym crush. His imagination runs wild as he begins stroking his shaft, his balls bouncing more and more as the pace builds. Feeling weak in the knees, Scotty drops down and keeps stroking. Steam begins to fill the room, raising the temperature on Scotty. Before sitting down, he stands back up for more jerking as we stare from below! The heat becomes too much, forcing Scotty out of the bathroom and onto his bed. Infatuated by his thoughts, he begins humping the bed, thinking of that gym crush. Bringing it to an end, Scotty drains his nuts all over himself! Looks like he'll need another shower

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  • memberWeNqtcHChRO0eteb -

    Scotty is attractive in many ways. However, his narcissistic attitude is thumbs-down repulsive!

  • jake238 -

    I'm calling it now...Scotty Fungo has everything it takes to be GayHoopla's next big hardcore SUPERSTAR if (and it's a big IF) he decides to make a return! He seems to have a lot of potential to join the ranks of Jeremy, Bryce, etc...but it is yet TBD :-) P.S. This is the worst "pause" ever LOL

  • jake238 -

    First, let me say that I miss hardcore scenes, buuuuut.....AWESOME SOLO (that i hope will lead to a duo) LOL! I'd definitely say A+! This is a REAL introduction to GayHoopla! The ***light for me, unsurprisingly, was 9:05 - 10:15 (9:22-9:35 is pure MAGIC)! PHENOMENAL booty, GRADE A body hair (chest, lower belly, pits and inner-quads) and 5-o'clock shadow! Nice cock and balls! Side note: GREAT to see the natural soft-to-hard dick transition! Sweet cummy happy trail! I reeeally can't say enough about his meaty quads and squatter's ass! 100% would LOVE to see a "Round 2" as he mentoined, here at GayHoopla that involves Scotty and another HUNK...if you catch my drift ;-) If Scotty is really bout it bout it, my suggestions for GH pairings are Jeremy, Gio, Brock Fisher, or even Collin. P.S. Great performance from Scotty and EXCEPTIONAL camera work!

  • memberqWSjYADw3Wqucoqs -

    I wish this guy has a skinny fade hair cut that hair cut guys looks more hott and it really truns me on

    jake238 -

    That hairdo would no doubt look incredibly hot on him and I'd really like to see that too! Don't get me wrong, I love his current hair and I think this stud muffin could rock just about any hair style lol Maybe if he returns for GH partner scenes he will rock a fresh new cut. But then again, either way i'd just be happy for the return regardless LOL

  • jarko23 -

    Two words... HOT and SEXY!!!

    jake238 -

    3rd word...DEEEE-licious! :-)