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Home Videos Sage Hardwell tops Bryce Beckett

Sage Hardwell tops Bryce Beckett

 | views: 1354731 3%

When Bryce first started with us he said he'd never bottom. Then he bottomed. And how this 6'5" monster is bottoming for Sage who really doesn't take any mercy on him at all.

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  • Hot4U1969 -

    this is another training video because Sage and Bryce are 10's. Sage has the slow stroke that porn videos dream of. And Bryce has that sexy body and ass. Bryce is a great top but needs a man like Sage to fuck that ass... again the cameraman for this video needs to train

  • jake238 -

    So EXCITED to finally see this update! Waited sooo long for this ***ly anticipated gem! Definitely worth the wait! I enjoyed it from start to finish and blew multiple loads! I was so turned on getting ready to watch it and the intro was so hot that I busted the 1st one before Bryce finished his bj! Best bj performance super hunk Bryce has ever done! Sage is HOT af as well! It was so AWESOME to see a rare Bryce bottoming scene. Then again, Bryce is hot bottoming AND topping as always! He is an ELITE vet performer along with Jayden and Dustin. Hopefully, Bryce can top Sage in the future! It would so hot! I LOVED this update! In my opinion we got another scene of the year candidate! EPIC pairing! P.S. Awesome photoshoot! :-)

  • Tayste60 -

    Hip! Hip Hooray ? two of my new favorites finally together! Thank you ? great job guys!

  • jarko23 -

    I've been waiting for this pairing, and Bryce and Sage did not disappoint! You have to bring them both back for more scenes!