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Home Videos Sage Hardwell Blows His Load All Over Robbie Valentine

Sage Hardwell Blows His Load All Over Robbie Valentine

 | views: 708870 11%

Two big guys going at it. Apparently it all started when they saw their running shorts matched. Before long Sage was slamming Robbie from behind and pretty soon Robbie was covered front and back with cum.

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  • pb94301 -

    This could have been a great flip scene. Robbie was great as usual. He has a nice cock and delivered a good performance. Sage again doesn't rim or blow Robbie. Sage's ass is better than his dick. He should have bottomed for Robbie's big dick. THAT would be a great scene.

  • pp2667 -

    I mean good scene, Robbie great as always. Where's Sage sucking dick? It looks like he's 0% interested...

  • kgmets -

    Good solid scene, but, to be frank, I would have preferred the better looking longer dick Robbie to be the top and Sage to be the bottom.