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Home Videos Ryan Winter FUCKS Zane Penn

Ryan Winter FUCKS Zane Penn

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Ryan Winter meets Zane Penn's monster ass. Love these two together. The room lit up with huge smiles as they admired each other's bodies. This was only Ryan's second time with a man and looks like he's starting to get the hang of it. This was the true test for Zane's ass because Ryan has a monster cock and a pair of balls to match it. Watch insanely hot Ryan Winter, tear Zane's ass apart at GayHoopla!


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  • Kayaker6 -

    Amazing seeing Zane take it deep from behind from a sexy stud!

  • kgmets -

    Great pairing! These two look like two hot college students. Many a hard cock gets taken care of in a college dorm room.

  • khaled52 -

    hot hot hot...need more be said?

  • 82nbe -

    Great Pits, Pubes & Leg Hair!

  • lumbee -

    Not a great scene. Neither can kiss and for god sake put the dick in. All a bit half hearted

  • Alann6 -

    Ok scene! Tight Not much intimacy in the scene! Tight lipped kissing with no tongue is a turn-off! Ryan needs to suck dick or at leasr rim! Would really like to see the interview end with a kiss!

  • kduv889 -

    just used my new 8 inch dildo with 2" girth....it was amazing thanks to this video!!!!

  • odinnot -

    i love it.because this is zane 1st full bottom scene & hot seeing zane cum while getting fuck

  • napscoordinator -

    I am really enjoying Ryan....you guys got a hot one when you hired him. Thank you for that. I can't wait until he sucks his first cock and some tongue would be nice in the next Ryan video......God he is HOT!!!!!

  • WorkBitch -

    These 2 are the best ones on the site!!!!

  • xsincerity -

    Hope seeing Ryan sucking a dick.

  • key2me -

    this one is ok... nothing really new... Ryan legs are hot... not alot of guys on this site really no how to kiss

  • pjfog1 -

    Come on, guys - a little tongue with those kisses won't hurt!

  • perfectlookingon -

    Hot Hot Hot,another great pairing,Ryan and Zane looking Hot,keep up the great videos so far so good,

  • bozzartxtc -

    It seems to me (wishful thinking?) that Ryan likes each new scene a little more than the last one. I could do without his "you like that dick" etc vocalizing, but he probably thinks it's expected of him and he's just trying to fit in and be a good sport. He is a treasure and GayHoopla should really try to keep this one around.

  • Loopster -

    Ryan is just great, so far. Wonder if he really enjoys these or if it's just about the money. If he enjoys it, then it's just hotter. :)

  • Darling -

    Ryan Winter is amazing, especially with his low hangers( when his dick is soft) and Hairy legs I preferred his video with the jock, Derek Jones. More Soft dick shots

  • butch1910 -


  • ZachUSA -

    omg...GH has been pairing the right guys together... Ryan is one hot seriously awesome model that I really dig... and of course my uncut daddy king Zane is here to represent... I need a job at GH .. I can hold a light for a long time

  • Sylvain -

    NIce to see that before going to sleep! I'll have sweet dreams =)

  • pudge37 -

    Wow. pretty near got off just on the preview! Looking forward to this one!