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Home Videos Ryan Winter FUCKS Jason Keys

Ryan Winter FUCKS Jason Keys

 | views: 710222 0%

The questions are over, yes Ryan Winter fucks at GayHoopla. He actually rails Jason Keys pretty damn hard. This is part of the new hot wave of scenes you'll be seeing here at GayHoopla. Ryan and Jason start with an interview regarding the whole matter before locking lips. Jason was pretty much in a rush to blow Ryan's huge fucking dick, and did so very enthusiastically. Ryan turned horny very quickly and laid Jason out. He put his dick inside of Jason's tight little ass and when drilling for gold. Jason took some nut all over his face after he hears it's good for the skin... and that's where Ryan wanted to cum. Fucking hot update.


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  • Rollo4178 -

    Loved when Ryan looks to me at 18:00 while he pounds that ass

  • bethel1973 -

    Ryan is HOT and Jason is cute! And I would not mind having a sleep over with Ryan at my house. my, oh my!

  • 82nbe -

    Put Ryan into some team sex.

  • smjeff -

    Ryan has an amazing body!

  • 222miquella222 -

    Ryan needs to be teamed with Ken Ott

  • Sylvain -

    I finally watched the movie! OMG, Ryan & Jason are AMAZING! They're really feeling what they do! Ryan has the niceest smile I ever seen for a while! Great job men & to Gayhoopla too ;-)

  • danvtr5 -

    f978h-if Ryan was giving his all, why did he not perform any oral on Jason? Hardly giving his all.Read the other comments, its a matter of taste. Others(myself included) felt Jason stole this scene with his enthusiasm. As far as Tyler would go, my opinion is he is over the top in his performances.

  • f978h -

    Jason goes through the motions, but was never present with his stunning partner Ryan, who as a first timer, was giving his all to this show and definitely conscious of playing with a partner. Jason may learn that sex is a team sport , successful when both participants are playing well with each other. Find hot Ryan a better partner. Tyler comes to mind.

  • sgimson -

    Very Hot! I love how Ryan whimpers like a little boy when he's close to cummin!

  • assman -

    I have a question how do they get hard if they say they're straight? Great show!!

  • treeesq3660 -

    What a great first fuck scene for Ryan. Overall very hot clip. Real improvement on the lighting guys, thanks. Agree with comment below that a kiss to end things would have been a lot better than a *** five.If you are going to do the interviews please separate them in some way from the action clip; label them as "behind the scenes" or something like that. Some of us really don't want to hear Jason, who looked like he was enjoying the sex, claim in the interview that he just "held up". That is a major boner ***er .

  • slut69 -

    Ryan is big and he knows it. He gives it to Jason good but it seems like he's holding back. Ryan definitely has potential and will go far. Can't wait for the next scene for Ryan to top.

  • skuvasteve -

    can we see ryan flip flop with max summer field or tyler would be hot but loved this vid

  • Darling -

    I love Ryan's hairy legs and low hangers but they look even better and hang even lower when Ryan's dick is SOFT

  • Cougar1 -

    Great video! While Ryan is hot, Jason steals this show! He is emerging as quite the power bottom and just gets better with every video! What I didn't like..going from giving head to fucking just felt chopped and wasted time on face close ups...unless there's cum or kissing, why bother? Still 5 stars!!

  • Rancher -

    OMG, Ryan is so very HOT!

  • pudge37 -

    5 stars! Some serious fucking there. Two gorgeous models who seemed to be really enjoying their work. Ryan took to that so enthusiastically I'm sure he'll be back for more. Great photography (and lighting) this time, good editing. More of same please!

  • alanning -

    Gay Hoopla Staff, it would be great if you could start providing a Winzip file download of the photos!

  • alanning -

    Super Hot scene!! Ryan is a great top! I loved the way he was constantly caressing and massaging Jason! Jason has become an awesome bottom! He took all the big dick Ryan could give and acted like he wanted more!This is a big improvement over all previous scenes, except for Austin and JJ! The only area I thought needed to be improved was the kissing! There should have been more kissing with tongue, especially, during the fucking! It would have been much better to end with a kiss, instead of a *** five!

  • alex0000 -


  • perfectlookingon -

    Very hot,waiting with bated breath.

  • alanning -

    Looks AMAZING!!! I can't wait!!

  • treeesq3660 -

    Wow. Just wow.

  • danthebigone -

    OMG!!!!!! I'm in love again!