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Home Videos Ryan Winter FUCK Derek Jones For A Fare

Ryan Winter FUCK Derek Jones For A Fare

 | views: 703998 5%

Derek Jones called a taxi to take him to the gym. Super fucking sexy Ryan Winter got the call and headed to pick up Derek. When picked up, the two shared some small talk before Derek was at his final destination. As Ryan tried to run Derek's card, it kept coming back denied. Without another card or cash to pay Ryan, Derek was begging for free ride just this one time. Ryan wasn't having it and told Derek he'd have to take him to the police station unless there was a different way they could work this out. Hesitant at first, Derek finally agreed on an alternative payment to avoid going to jail for the night. SPOILER ALERT: This is Derek Jones debut bottom scene.

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  • OfficialLaEl -

    Should be good now! up to 720p

  • glenwong -

    It still show the trailer only

  • glenwong -

    Can’t see the full video here

  • odinnot -

    Need to fix this video

  • odinnot -


  • sean0915 -

    Derek Jones is always hot and Ryan Winter added the heat too. Great scene. Thank you Derek and Ryan.

  • Landon -

    Jcase - pls email us [email protected] and we will figure out what's going on. Tks

  • Jcase2015 -

    What is up with this site an the constant buffering!!!??? This will be another cancelled site membership. Pay to watch video's hicup & buffer continually and supper slow downloads and I know its not on my end becuase I have T-carrier technology.

  • odinnot -

    this is my fav hardcore scene on this site.i love seeing derek big booty get fuck & his get frisky with a guy.i love when derek talk & moan.get fuck doggy style,he back his ass on cock. i love seeing derek ride that cock. i hope you have more derek jones bottom scenes.i love derek ass. it been a long time since i see a new derek jones scene

  • griffrag13626 -

    Ryan is hot but would love to see him bottom.

  • odinnot -

    please get derek to do more bottom scenes.i love seeing derek get fuck doggy love seeing derek push back on that cock,hmm hot seeing derek ride & sit on thatcock. i love see derek bottom.if you have more derek scenes. can you please release them?

  • kapukane -

    What's up with the kissing on this site??? WHO kisses without tongue? Strange.

  • odinnot -

    i still love watching derek get fuck.i hope you have more derek jones scenes. derek is my fav model on this site.i love his ass

  • collegegrad36 -

    3rd video I put on to***ht and 5 seconds in and it buffers and freezes up. Not sure what is going on. When I was a member previously I never had these issues.

  • odinnot -

    i was it had more bts & interview on how derek feel getting fuck

  • shepherd -

    I was waiting with great anticipation for this to be released. I don’t know but I was a little disappointed, not sure why exactly. I think part was Le L giving too much of a teaser on his web show might be part of it. I got tired of hearing the same lines used over and over, (You like that don’t you). Ryan’s voice gets really *** pitched when he is about to cum and while he is cumming, kind of a turn off. I did enjoy watching Derek get fucked and it would had been hot if Ryan would has sucked cock but maybe soon, HUH? On a scale of 1 to 10 I would have to give it a 7. I think Ryan should had ripped down Derek’s pants and underwear while saying, (Let’s see what I have to work with) Derek replies, ( Come get your monies worth big boy) Ryan should had pushed Derek to his knees and said, ( Here start by sucking my cock and get me hard, then I’ll take it out of your ass). Just for openers…..

  • fuckinsteve -

    Right about 7:40 when Derek turns around to show his ass, he's already hard... that makes this video a 5-star automatically!

  • odinnot -

    hmm so hot see derek bottom.i love see the cock go in & out derek ass. but between 15:32 - 16:56 you should so show the front with cock going in & out his ass. this is my fav derek scene. i love seeing derek push back on that cock.while doing doggy style & seeing derek ride that cock.i love doggy style

  • asslover22 -

    You guys ***ed it with this scene! Specifically the parts you can tell are real and really see it got me crazzy.. keep up the good work and keep it up with the two of them they're both hot as fuck

  • versalin2 -

    for me like one of the best I ever see here (even I like so much others guys in GH. Don't stop making movies like that.

  • butch1910 -

    Ryan and Derek were burning up! Definitely one of the hottest pairings around.Good job GH!

  • Matthew2014 -

    I just tried to download the video and I got and account error that stated I needed to contact customer service? I am guessing the the download button that is now here still has some issues?

  • xsinceri -

    Very disappointed that Ryan still does not sucking dick, totally do not want to see this kind of not engaged video again.

  • escondido1 -

    Dmitry, no problem. And awesome scene

  • beavjoe -

    This is your hottest scene yet! I agree unanimously with all who said that Ryan should be next. I think I heard the two guys whispering that he would be next at the end of the movie. Yes...definitely need more hardcore scenes and more often. You have some of the sexiest guys on the net these days and they should be shown in dual or three way action much more!

  • mikalmilano -


  • DmitryDickov -

    Should be up for download now. Please let me know if there's any issues, and sorry for the delay this morning.

  • Rancher -


  • xsinceri -

    Where's the download?

  • LaEl -

    Having an issue with the 3rd party where the download is hosted. Getting this squared-away with them asap. I'll put the download button back up as soon as it's fixed. -Dmitry

  • hawaii4u -

    WTF no download. no wonder this site gets the bad comments it does.

  • harlanny -

    Where's the download?

  • khalil_young -

    No download option. This suck -- pun intended -- as the video always stops while streaming. Can you all use a different format?

  • shepherd -

    OOOPS I just say Big D's comment....

  • shepherd -

    Why isn't available for download? GRRRRR!

  • limerick -

    I should be so lucky! Why does this never happen to me??

  • pudge37 -

    Couldn't download, but it streamed perfectly without buffering once. That was a hot fuck. Derek took that big dick like a champ & it was a nice lengthy fuck. Very entertaining.

  • odinnot -

    the download button is missing

  • DmitryDickov -

    Having an issue with the 3rd party where the download is hosted. Getting this squared-away with them asap. I'll put the download button back up as soon as it's fixed. -Dmitry

  • cre333 -

    Is this a new way to pay Uber? I Like it!!

  • wallace -


  • LaEl -

    Stream should be fixed. Email he[email protected] if you have any other problems. L

  • versalin2 -

    Agree with Xsinceri, why Ryan still did not engage, hopes to see him sucking.I can't wait

  • krazykid -

    looks like it will be hot. hope derek bottoms more! and hope you can convince ryan to bottom, it would be hot t see him gettng pounded out

  • Magpie88 -

    Like the video, but one hardcore scene per week is not competitive with other pay for view sites More frequent hardcore updates please

  • xsinceri -

    why ryan still did not engage, hopes to see him sucking.

  • treeesq3660 -

    Great to see Derek bottom, congrats on that.,but it is also about time for Ryan to start taking some "next steps." When a guy bottoms for the first time on camera, there really should be some rimming or ass play. If Ryan won't do it, you should have paired Derek with a guy who would do that.And the prior comments re correct, the streaming is bad.

  • pudge37 -

    Thanks! Clever how you built up everybody's desire to see Derek bottom. That Uber scenario works better if Derek is the one to give it up as payment. I'm in.

  • cutedude -

    Very excited to watch this ... have been waiting for Derek to bottom for a looong time as he has teased us with that amazing butt for so long. Kudos for bringing him along and for a guy like Derek to be such a good sport about exploring the "other" side.

  • odinnot -

    too bad i cant not download this happy gayhoopla get derek to bottom. i hope you get him back

  • odinnot -

    damn its so hot seeing derek bottom