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Home Videos Rock Hard FUCK: James Manziel Rides Michael Santos

Rock Hard FUCK: James Manziel Rides Michael Santos

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We're REALLY proud of this scene. Michael Santos and James Manziel arrive on set all ready to go. We could tell they didn't want to waste much time talking, so we just asked a few questions before letting them go for it. Michael is still pretty new to the whole game, but said he was feeling "Comfortable and Confident." We warned James that Michael was a pretty strong guy, but James said he was ready for "some man handling."

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  • elemeno -

    James is the hottest bottom ever to perform for GH. No wonder Michael took so long eating his a$$. That thing is so perky.

  • Borpat61 -

    Hot passionate sex! It doesn’t get better than these two who like what they are doing.

  • Ukochany -

    James' breathy moans are incredible.

  • Ukochany -

    James is my favorite. <3

  • gdJpCtbvuKSY -

    One of the hottest scenes on the site 👍

  • zucchiniman3 -

    Bonus footage is life. It's hot seeing what goes on offset. Wish they showed the full bonus footage of when Michael Evans fucked Leo Bush some more.

  • accord55 -

    james is so hot more of him please great cut body not bloated looking

  • Spence -

    Bonus footage was almost as good as the scene itself! That was hot!

  • sean0915 -

    Michael Santos and James Manziel are amazing hot, and together they are even better. Please have James and Michael back for more scenes. Please have them eat some cum in their next scenes. Thank you again for this scene James, Michael, and Gayhoopla.

  • pudgy37 -

    Wow! I busted before they ever got to the fucking. They both give great BJ's. ThenI came again when they were fucking, and almost came once more in the bonus footage. I'd love to have Michael inside me.