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Price Hogan Jerks Off On Airplane To Europe

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How exciting... A trip to EUROPE! A trip of a LIFETIME! Hometown boy, Price Hogan had never even been on an airplane before. Boy, does he have one hell of a first time flying experience none of us will ever forget! Price has always been a go-getter, but come on! Mile high club jerk off on your first flight EVER?! Savage behavior! ;) Hang on tight, you are embarking on an exciting journey jet setting across the globe with your favorite guys! The anticipation and excitement are in the air and written all over these handsome young faces!


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  • dpf2102 -

    All three of these guys are amazingly hot. I hope there's some type of threeway orgy when they get to Europe.

  • 9SPuAeMNpu -

    I’ve jerked off on an Austrian Airlines flight before too. Maybe it was the same plane!

  • funandy -

    That was fucking HOT. Damn! I love to see how hot guys just go into the bathroom and pull one off! This is not the first time this guy has ever jerked off on a plane. I bet you!