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Post Cum Interview And Shower With Lukas Cannon

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Can't get enough Lukas Cannon? Enjoy some final words and a steamy post jerk shower.

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  • hot4u69 -

    This video isn’t worth posting. When a model is asked to shoot a scene for a site like hoopla, is there a discussion about taking care of back acne or butt acne or for the love of god crotch acne. I wouldn’t waste my film on a model that doesn’t take care of their skin. Their work is your business card, your image , your reputation. How did this make the cut, let alone an update. For the love of god give all of Raybans underwear back to him or burn them. The underwear in the shower has to stop. It’s the biggest boner ***er of all time.

  • hot4u69 -

    This video isn’t worth posting or

  • jfwilson65 -

    Whereas I used to savor the post-show shower, the recent underwear trend makes me fast forward to the end.

  • fratboylover69 -

    I liked the pre shower scene with Marcus so more of them would be hot....Whats better than a hot frat taking care of himself in the house showers???

  • fratboylover69 -

    Yes I agree love the shower scenes but no underwear please

  • jake238 -

    I love that there is a post-scene shower! :D Maybe you could follow them to shower after they cum so we can check out their beautiful buns in motion! ;-) Also no underwear would've taken the shower scene to the next level! :-) Very hot guy!

  • diLUZYrY -

    Why the underwear in the shower all the time now?