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Perfect Stud Jerks at Home

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Jack is a silent assassin who is a runway model. The best part about this video is while he recorded the video... he had no idea a group of about 20 people were watching him stream live. He had a good laugh about it all after we told him and wanted to know how he did.

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  • queerclickd -

    I actually think this is a great video for the simple fact that Jack was jacking it as he would at home and not hamming it up or putting on a show.

  • Loopster -

    I'm sorry to say, this guy is not GayHoopla material. He has not passion for this, it's so clear that he's just there to cum and gtfo. He might as well be on cam4 or f4f, but Gayhoopla is more than just JO, at least from what I've understood. Get rid of him, and get more qualitative performers.

  • Limerick -

    Jack--You have a great rack--and you are so Handsome & Hung! You are Stud/Stallion/Adonis! TY