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Passionate FUCK with Zach Douglas and Forrest Marks

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Two passionate lovers makes for a great video. Zach Douglas and Forrest Marks fuck so intimately. I love how both these guys really enjoy what they're doing. Forrest Marks is always great to work with because he can suck a mean dick, eat an amazing ass, and gets fucked like it's his hobby. Zach Douglas loves to talk dirty, and dick you down with his nice thick cock. Another video that I loved filming and worth watching. Also turns me on knowing Forrest Marks swallows every load possible.

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  • sean0915 -

    Forrest Marks could be the hottest bottom in the business.

  • bethel1973 -

    This was one VERY HOT scene. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Forrest and Zach make for one very cute couple.

  • shazzlerezz -

    i wanna see Forrest top!

  • odinnot -

    wow very hot see forrest cummings while looking at zach ass

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