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Home Videos Off-Set Sex w/ COLE MONEY and TYLER HANSON


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Cole Money & Tyler Hanson have sex the night before their shoot. I could hear some sex type noises as I was cleaning up the kitchen from a weekend of filming. I rushed into the bedroom only to find Cole & Tyler practicing for their scene tomorrow. I asked what was going on and could I film. Tyler basically wanted to prep with Cole's donkey-sized dick so tomorrow's shoot would go smooth. See the pre-intercourse.

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  • asslover999 -

    I love how real and raw this video is!! All your videos should be like this.. One of the best.

  • asslover999 -

    love the dirty talk!!!

  • Quantum -

    They were so obviously having tons of fun. This has to be one of the hottest, funniest, scenes yet. "Fuck me like a fat chick!" Lmao!

  • sobazaar -

    Love me some Cole.

  • billy201 -

    My favorite so far! Been a fan of Cole for years and Tyler has my undivided attention whenever I see him! Putting these two together was brilliant! This was a lot of fun to watch, lots of laughs! And all that Hair!...Oh My! Loved it! I would have to agree with the Facials comments, not a big fan of them anyway, but when the guys are clearly not into it, it becomes uncomfortable to watch and maybe a bit degrading. Thanks guys for a Great vid, they are getting better and better!

  • pudge37 -

    I enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun. Some good solid fucking and sucking. I agree with Dan about the facials, not just in this, but in other vids as well. Either take them seriously or don't do them at all. I hope they do a better job in the "official" vid.

  • danvtr5 -

    For me, this scene was a mixed bag. It was great seeing 2 hairy guys going at it and the sex part was awesome. Sadly, the ending ruined the entire thing. Tyler should not be taking facials if he is not into them. The faces he made at the finish just totally ruined it for me. He looked to be in disgust waiting for the climax from Cole. And then everyone laughing also was a turn off. Gay sex is not a joke and if the bi and straight guys are not committed to giving us the best scene, they should not film. If a model is not ready to seriously take a facial cumshot to end a scene, please do not film one. other then the ending.....nice job.

  • krazykid -

    well fucking done. best scene yet. keep them coming like this. i really dont understand why some of the blogs sometimes stunt on this site. you have arguably the hottest straight talent in gay porn on your roster. and if you keep producing scenes like this you stand to be a real heavy hitter in the industry, in my opinion.also i really enjoyed the directing aspect, and their lightheartedness throughout. it made it really fun to watch.

  • murrdawg -

    Awesome scene!!! Cole's body is so amazing fucking Tyler's ass! I really enjoy watching these two guys have a fun time just fucking. No need for a storyline. La El really played to my voyeuristic side by directing them. Something many of us would love to do.

  • Rancher -

    "Fuck me like a fat chick!" LMAO

  • odinnot -

    also im dying to see to derek jones do hardcore sex

  • odinnot -

    awesome,i cant wait to see it

  • Sylvain -

    The trailer is AMAZING! I'm already excited! It's hard waiting the entire vido!

  • ZachUSA -

    ending is the best....haha