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Home Videos Nick Paul FUCKS Collin Simpson

Nick Paul FUCKS Collin Simpson

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Collin Simpson, Collin Simpson, Collin Simpson. This is our golden boy for sure. Not only does everyone just love this guy, but he's so easy to work with! He loves the attention & entertainment part of all this. He has an amazing body and is such good energy to be around in general. We loved this particular pairing with Nick Paul because we knew both of these personalities would make a hot video... and we were right. Collin Simpson was a real power bottom here taking Nick Paul's girthy cock. We shot this scene from some really cool angles as well to capture the intense action. The lighting in this house was also really great all the way around. I know I know, we suck at filming, we hope to improve every video. This happens to be a much older video but hey, we're continuing to work on it. If you see the strides we've made from filming to site design since inception... we've come a LOOOOOOOOOOONG way.

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  • CollinFan23 -

    I've watched every Collin Simpson video twice!

  • reb1148 -

    Nick Paul is amazing what a body and especially those nips, pits and dick. Thank you!

  • CJwebber99 -

    Is Nick Paul coming back? He's my hero! More Nick Paul Please.

  • Kayaker6 -

    Awesome scene with two sexy studs in action! Love seeing Collin take it from behind!

  • mQm6v9zSpr -

    Love this video. So HOT!

  • FZnSUNDcdxTx -

    Nick Paul is amazing!

  • paul0330 -

    i have watched this 1 about 20 times and still can not get enough of Nick , and Collin well his body speaks for its self!!!!