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Home Videos New Teen Cameron Jones Crushes His Solo In Record Time!

New Teen Cameron Jones Crushes His Solo In Record Time!

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Fun fact: Cameron Jones wasn't planning on coming out when this shoot first began! He popped up on our radar halfway through and after one look at this hot new stud, we HAD to get him out! On his last day, right before he was supposed to take off, he asked for a chance to get his solo in! This big dick king killed all of his hardcore scenes and we knew he could pull it off! We threw him in front of the cameras and told him it was now or never. Cameron immediately stripped down and pulled his giant dick out and got it hard with no issues! His muscles ripple in the golden hour light as he flows through all of his positions, staying hard as a rock! Cameron decided to go all in and tried some anal play AND cum tasting. This guy was made for the camera.

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  • memberl5vciTd0tsTC7BFs -

    Cute model (who needs a decent haircut) with a hot jacking technique, but as usual for GH the load was poorly captured.

  • midnight_rambler -

    i liked his cum tasting part

  • Manic_Mia -

    What a cute little asshole

  • BJarry29_ -

    Cameron Jones looks like a hotter Alex Wolff lol sexy af

  • olives45473 -

    Agreed w the camera comments... this solo was hot!

  • Hot4U1969 -

    ok.. Why can't we get camera work like this on all of the models.. the ass shot was amazing and he has really big nuts. love guys like this.. more please

    Hottynum1 -

    Agreed!! Why is there no consistency with the solo shoots? Showcase the ass of each and EVERY model you post for more than a few seconds.

  • harlanny -

    This guy is a fucking stud, gorgeous physique, really packing, and some of the greatest low hangers known to man!

  • IcarusRising -

    Alright, that camera angle from minute 7 to minute 9 is what im talking about, great camera work!