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NEW Ripped Teen Fitness STUD Lorenzo Joseph

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Lorenzo Joseph is an 18 year old inspiring bodybuilder with one of the most insane bodies we've ever filmed. He's truly friendly gentleman that is kind, sweet, and friendly. He eager to please and show off different angles of his body as we watched him play. We love that his young adult cock stays absolutely rock hard. If you're into mix men, this yummy drink of water is perfect for your needs.

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  • kspiehs -

    How do you fuck up shooting his cum shot? SMH

  • latinprince2595 -

    Yeah!! More Lorenzo 😍

  • Docpeppe -

    Would love to see more of Lorenzo

  • cockydude07 -

    Lorenzo is one of my favorites now. Please match him with your biggest muscle model for arm wrestling and tussling and fucking and sucking. And flex show by both guys side by side. He is wonderful.