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New Red Head Jock Mitchell Wright Jerks It

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Check out Ray Ban's first solo shoot featuring red head Mitchell Wright. This hard-bodied ginger swimmer will have your taste buds watering.

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  • luv2frot -

    Hot dude! Hot performance!

  • carymuscle00 -

    He's hot and a bringer - please much more of him!!!

  • HotJock69 -

    Four times in one day---wow Ray is a stud with a big supply of juice.

  • WorkBitch -

    the interview is great but the jerk off scenes are way too short in comparison

  • alanning -

    Really don't care to hear all the talk about sex with girls!! You obviously aren't aware of what your gay membership wants!

  • pudge37 -

    Good job, Ray! He's a cocky hottie. Seemed very at ease, probably not his first time performing in front of a camera? Loved the slow strip tease during the interview. Three different girls in one day? He told it convincingly, though. During his talk he left you the option to read between the lines. I just know (or hope) there's some guy-guy action coming up. I'm ready for it.

  • skuvasteve -

    want to see him get fucked please let him bottom been wanting a red head bottom for awhile