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Home Videos NEW Parkour Stud Jerks Off

NEW Parkour Stud Jerks Off

 | views: 649551 7%

This 19 year old ex-military stud is currently a professional parkour. He is all smiles as he shows off his athletic ability with all his flips and tricks. Don't let his alluring smile fool you, after all that, he heads back to his hotel for a shower and jerk. This hard-bodied jock slips off his undies and hops into the shower. After soaking himself down and grabbing his big dick over and over, he takes it to the bed.

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  • pacnwguy -

    Chaparral Park?!

  • MattWA00 -

    Great way to start off 2015 by seeing that Jake will be doing a Live Show. Such a handsome guy.

  • dross1705 -

    Wow, super cute!!!

  • luther -

    A great find. Would love to see him do running, jumping jacks, exercises, etc., all in the buff, his meaty dick bobbing around. A true military stud, no doubt about it.

  • alex_ -

    Wow wow wow.... he's a keeper.

  • BigEvil1978 -

    LaEl asking the tough questions haha I love it!!! Jake is a cutie Patootie that is for sure and cant wait to see his first show on gayhoopla. La EL knows how to pick them =)

  • alec -

    wow the guys just keep getting better! Jake had an absolutely perfect body(all parts) and a great personalty