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Home Videos NEW Muscle STUD: Ken Ott

NEW Muscle STUD: Ken Ott

 | views: 680283 18%

Ken Ott is a beautiful Filipino and German mixed man. Soft spoken but, confident and sure of himself. He's worked very hard to look the way he does, and more importantly, he loves when people stare. Not an attention whore, but absolutely loves to be re-assured he's a looker. This eye candy is shredded, but big and bulky in all the right places... and we can't stop staring.

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  • Bluebaby -

    More Asians like Ken, pleeeeease!

  • vickyladdesi -

    amazing ass!

  • bmelichar -

    Just WOW! Too beautiful.

  • dross1705 -

    Ken is really sexy and sweet. I really hate that he did not cam because he was really great in this video. I love the questions that LaEL comes up with!!

  • andmai -

    WOW WOW ! Very hot guy. I hope we see a Flip-Fuck-Scene between Ken and Michael Evans or Ken and Chris Kohler !

  • krazykid -

    honestly, i could have never imagined this guy on cam. he's hot as shit, don't get me wrong or misunderstand; dude is hot. but idk if he has the charisma of say, taylor or cole money to pull off an exciting and fun liveshow. would love to see him try though :) he's smoking hot.

  • marathon -

    this guy goes to my gym.

  • gioachino -

    stunning man.

  • zeppers -

    Dear Ken, please be assured. YOU ARE A LOOKER!

  • pudge37 -

    Congratulations La El, you got yourself a 5-star rating from me! Ken is to die for. A beautiful face & perfect body! No dull spots or bad photography in this one, beautifully edited. I'd love to see him and Chris Koehler paired, if only in a side-by-side.

  • Loopster -

    Completely stunning, utterly gorgeous and fantastically sensual! I want more of this guy, much more!!!!

  • peggy3660 -

    This guy could be a real porn star if he is willing to do hardcore with other guys. He has it all, including an amazing ass.

  • Crummy49 -

    Hope you have him back often and see if he is open to a duo ....