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NEW Muscle Jock Sean Costin

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Is Sean Costin of GayHoopla our hottest guy in 2015? Many already seem to think so! What a killer ass and smile. Sean has all the right curves and with underwear teasing, I just can't take it. I can't even count how many abs this fine dime has. A must watch if you're ready for a little flavor in your life.

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  • parker -

    Sean in beautiful solo masturbation scenes.He has some body hair on his chest but it looks like he trims it. He should let it grow in naturally. Likewise on his legs, ass and penis- let the hair come in as nature meant it- he would only look more hot and more handsome- although I must admit it can't get much better better than the way bodybuilder Sean looks now! Scorching HOT !!!!!

  • odinnot -

    Why did you not ask Sean if he ever get his ass play with.like he get rim or something in his ass. I remember in members meeting.I say should ask the model if they ever bottom or do assplay on them self. I also had say in the meeting solos with assplay with toy. Now I see the members meeting was a waste of time

  • cupdoc -

    i agree with kentwake. i want to see the workout footage too! please share that footage with us!!

  • napscoordinator -

    I love Derek.....that tease was NOT enough! I can't wait for more of Derek and his hotness. Sean seems like a nice guy and great looking.

  • kentwake -

    so hot. is the workout footage that was in the preview going to be released?

  • odinnot -

    very hot,after see sean & derek together.i cant wait to see the hardcore scene together. i dont think i cant watch no more gayhoopla hardcore scenes.until i see sean & derek scene

  • odinnot -

    damn hot body,nice cock & wow big ass.too bad sean did not do some assplay like finger ass or play with toy

  • pudge37 -

    Good work all around. Sean is an erotic poem come to life. Beautiful HD photography and editing - and you've finally tamed your camera to stop flitting around. Can't wait to see the hardcore vids (a good tease!)

  • limerick -

    This video is beautifully shot! Sean is a gorgeous man! I hope to see a lot more of him!! Thank you, Sean! Thank you, Gayhoopla

  • odinnot -

    wow hot,thanks for the preview of sean c upcoming scenes. i cant wait to see his scene with derek

  • tanya516 -


  • limerick -

    Sean is a very sexy, handsome, uninhibited man! He's a perfect model for Gayhoopla!

  • asslover99 -

    he's amazing.. you gotta have more of this guy!! get him on the cam shows please :D

  • skuvasteve -

    all i can say is woow he is a keeper would love to see him and max together another edge of desire series would be great with him and the other new models