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Home Videos NEW MODEL: Football JOCK


 | views: 655875 18%

Derek Jones is an absolute beast, on the field and in the sheets. This rugged football star took time away from his married life just to toss the old pigskin... until he got horny. When this muscle stud finished sweating, he rubs out some of that high quality protein he'd only been sharing with one. It's our turn to have a sip... indulge.

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  • Ohio73 -

    ...unbridled sex, Derek would be my # 1 choice. He is sooooooo HOT!!!!

  • Ohio73 -

    Without a doubt, Derek is my man of choice. If ever I wanted to have a man to sleep with and have unbridled sex

  • asslover99 -

    This is still by FAR the hottest guy to ever exist on gayhoopla. I know my gay porn well, if you guys got him back on gayhoopla people would be so impressed

  • Bigmac42 -

    Amazing look!hot bod!

  • trudog1 -

    its the valleyho...haha many a good time there ;-)

  • abelsil -

    do you make housecalls

  • ZachUSA -

    I would meet this man anywhere for a discreet blowjob and he could fuck me for as long as he wanted to

  • Limerick -

    Love it when you hump, Derek! Welcome!

  • Steven -

    Very good find!

  • Steven -

    Good looking hot jock! But whoever decorated that hotel room has horrible taste