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Home Videos New Model Adonis Fisher Jerks Off

New Model Adonis Fisher Jerks Off

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Into ripped young bodybuilders? We have just the guy for ya... Please welcome ANOTHER new hunk to the GayHoopla stable... Adonis Fisher! A very fitting name for this stud. Adonis LOVES working out (if that isn't obvious just from looking at him). His dream is to one day wear the crown of Mr. Olympia. Keep up the hard work, Adonis, and we might just be seeing you up on stage showing off that incredible physique! For now, we will adore you in all of your hot, naked glory!

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  • roonbng -

    I this meant to be a present for us?

  • borpat61 -

    No sign of foreskin even when soft.

  • gGr1BNBWne81 -

    does nothing for me .definitely NOT an adonis