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Home Videos New Hairy Swimmer Aaron Dickson

New Hairy Swimmer Aaron Dickson

 | views: 693055 3%

Aaron Dickson is our newest hairy beast. Just the right amount of fur to make your cock stick straight up and beg to cuddle.

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  • atcV8RbjmH -

    We need him Back! Aaron Dickson is one of the hottest and most charming guys I’ve ever seen. He’s perfection

  • blueray95 -

    Please bring this handsome hunk of meat back! God I love Aaron and want more of him ASAP!

  • bethel1973 -

    What a handsome and sexy guy. A joy to watch. And, he is so dreamy.

  • k2uyvbvFnJ -

    Great to see the speedos and the hairy body. All round hot guy.

  • vwjetta2013 -

    Aaron is the HOTTEST man on the site!

  • Bigmac44 -

    Perfect man!!!

  • jaysons -

    Aaron..That speedo compliments your perfect body dude. Great to see a dude who is not fearful of showing off his package! No more dork shorts please.

  • parker -

    Aaron has a beautiful chest and very manly chest hair. He should not cut his chest hair- or any other hair on his great body. All his hair is perfect.

  • mattific -


  • psychic -

    Beautiful boy.

  • Sylvain -

    This guy is AMAZING! he ***ly deserves his 5 ☆

  • pudge37 -

    The joy of ogling a perfect body with just the right amount of ginger fur. Such a drool-worthy body. Well done. If it weren't for that dimly-lit selfie jackoff at the end, it would have been perfect.

  • MattWA11 -

    So many new models, what about the past models such as Colt McClaire, Michael Evans and Leonardo Accosi. Would love to see them again.